An Interview With Novice Novelist E.A. Smiroldo About Her Dystopian Novel The Silent Count

In The Silent Count novelist E.A. Smiroldo imagines a world where scientists have actually found a way to decrease global warming that is affordable and practical. But in this imaginary world the government bureaucrats are more interested in maintaining the status quo than in healing Mother Earth. Is it because they are on the payroll of Big Oil and Big Coal? Could it be that they only pay lip service to the environment and are actually indifferent to the fate of billions of people on Earth who will suffer and perhaps perish if something isn’t done soon about the deteriorating climate?

Smiroldo thinks maybe that’s the way things roll for her protagonist Dara Bouldin, a nuclear scientist who thinks she knows how to bring global warming under control. But because she’s just a cog in the government machinery, and a woman, and a young person (three strikes and you’re out!) her program is not taken seriously. Until it is, but by the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. Smiroldo recently sat down with reporters to talk about her work and her life.

Is the science in your book real or made up?

Oh it’s real, alright!

How so?

Take a look around. You and everything else you perceive are composed of the same substances, or elements. Although each of those elements has distinct properties of its own, all elements are composed of atoms, the smallest unit of an element that retains its properties.

Before, scientists believed that one atom was the smallest thing possible. We now understand that smaller particles, which themselves are composed of smaller particles, make up one atom.

Tell us how you came up with Dara Bouldin’s frustrating love life. Is it based on your own experiences?

Not really. My own love life has been totally satisfying, stable, and mature, for many years past. I treat romance in my own life as I  do atomic energy – something to study about first before getting into the nitty-gritty of it. I decided that my protagonist would reflect many of today’s crazy fantasies about love that young people talk about on social media.

Critics are saying your novel is darkly humorous. Was that intentional?

Humor is based on an alternate reality. And it’s funnier when it happens to other people, not to you. That’s why romantic comedies have always been so popular, both as novels and as movies. I think my characters in the novel are realistic and vivid. I just tweak them a little to give them more memorable dialogue and motivation. 

The Silent Count by E. A. Smiroldo may be purchased via Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and other stores.

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Nuclear engineer, author, and musician E.A. Smiroldo is a triple threat. She is determined to emphasize the value of trust and love since she is aware that humanity is on the verge of a severe climatic crisis. 

She has won writing competitions held by the International Screenwriters’ Dig and the Bethesda Literary Festival.

She is working with Xray Media on a movie script.