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Customer Loyalty Programs That Work

Most business-savvy marketing teams know that it’s more profitable to hold onto existing customers than to try to continually attract new ones. That’s why so many brands put an emphasis on earning their customers’ loyalty — to maximize the length of time that those customers will make transactions and boost revenues as a result. Enter […]

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10 Most Common Types of Workplace Discrimination

If you were thinking that workplace discrimination was limited to only a handful of specific actions, you’ll need to think again. According to experts like the EEOC and these workplace discrimination attorneys in San Francisco, discrimination can rear its head in many ways. These are ten of the most common types that you’ll need to […]


Are Jacuzzi Tubs Still Worth Buying?

Why have Jacuzzi tubs become so popular over recent years? There are many good reasons why owning a Jacuzzi tub is worth the money. Not only do they give you a great way to enjoy hot shower water as soon as you get out, but they also are a great way to maintain your health. […]