Why You Should Consider An RN Health Coach Accreditation

There is no doubt that modern medicine has prolonged the lives of countless individuals – and nurses have played an integral part in assisting their patients on the road to a fast recovery after illness or surgery. The area of specialty chosen by nurses has very little to do with the level of dedication and […]


Derecho al olvido

Critical Infrastructure Is Permanently Under Attack In recent years, ransomware has almost completely changed the business model of breaches. Given the nature of the sectors that the CNI operates, the risks of financial loss are extremely high. For example, due to fines as a result of lawsuits, legal costs, loss of productivity or repair costs. Paying ransom can […]


The First Book by E.A. Smiroldo About Climate Change Came Out

In the book, Dara Bouldin comes up with a plan to lessen the effects of climate change. Her discoveries are destructive in ways she could never have imagined. One problem is that no one at the government agency where she works knows she exists. She is having trouble paying off her student loans and her […]