Hamed Wardak Passes the Torch to Techno Music’s Rising Star Valen of Wicked

Roots And Education

Although he was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak spent most of his early years in Pakistan and the United States. He’s the son of Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak.

In 1997, Hamed Wardak graduated as valedictorian from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Government and Political Theory.

In the summer of the same year upon his graduating from Georgetown, Hamed Wardak joined the rankings of many other Rhodes Scholars, including Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, Kris Kristofferson, and Rachel Maddow. The honor is bestowed annually to 32 U.S. college students for their scholastic accomplishments, devotion to good deeds, integrity, and potential within their elected vocational specialties. His winning of the Rhodes Scholarship was followed by a trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, during wartime, in which Wardak appropriated medical provisions and equipment go war-torn refugees.

The Professional Life of Hamed Wardak

After college, Hamed Wardak returned to his native Afghanistan to continue his philanthropic efforts and help locals as the Afghan Civil War raged onward.

He eventually returned to the U.S. to begin his career, which started at Merrill Lynch in California and New York. He worked in mergers and acquisitions, including on projects like Avaya’s acquisition of VPNET and Veeco Instruments’ acquisition of Applied Epi.

From 2004-2005, Hamed worked as Managing Director of International Operations for Technologists, Inc., an entity operating as a U.S. government contractor in conjunction with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Dept. of Defense concerning business development efforts for a war-torn Afghanistan. He led the team to generate $44 million put toward the successful attempt to complete multiple government contracts designed to make life easier for the people of his homeland.

Hamed Wardak’s Humanitarian Efforts

Hamed Wardak was one of eight founders of the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP).  The creation of CUSAP was the next extension of Hamed’s humanitarian work. CUSAP operates as a nonprofit aimed at an American/Afghan partnership. Both Afghan and American citizens make up the team at CUSAP. Even today, CUSAP’s main objective is to leverage both sources of contributions to secure prosperity for the Afghan people as a sustainable practice. Projects like bridge and canal construction to heighten security and improve transportation were some of the plans implemented by the humanitarian organization. Funding came from many sources including USAID, the World Bank, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT.)

Hamed Wardak learned the importance of recruiting smart and capable talent during his professional and humanitarian efforts. According to Wardak, the ability to hire the right team members is vital to any corporate strategy. Without the best team on deck who hold the most talent, any organization won’t have the skill set required to expand and grow to its full potential.

Contributing Author Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak is also a talented writer capable of merging meaningful actions with meaningful words.  Articles published by the Huffington Post documented much of his humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.

In one such article, Wardak describes his homeland’s lack of peace for over 30 years. The article goes on to explain how many of his fellow countrymen, himself included, were forced into life as refugees. In the Huffington Post, Hamed Wardak called Osama Bin Laden’s death a ‘bright window of opportunity for progress and stabiliization in the region’. This was the opportunity to move the people of Afghanistan out from under the hold of the oppressive regime that’s held generations of Afghan people back. Wardak noted such achievements would take sacrifice and work. It was a poignant entry that achieved viral superstardom.

Hamed Wardak’s Ongoing Life Of Philanthropy

For Hamed Wardak, the need to improve the plight of the Afghan people hasn’t ceased with one man’s death, however. His work to benefit refugees is always a work in progress, and it’s led him to become a man of many hats.

Wardak decided to harness his life and business experience with his altruistic endeavors when he created Ludas Athletics in Miami, Florida. A portion of the sales from the clothing line go to support his philanthropic efforts all over the world, particularly in regards to younger generations.

Hamed Wardak intended to help shape the lives, dreams, goals, and the wellbeing of today’s youth. With all of his prior humanitarian efforts, and he had the same idea for clothing line. He decided to leverage Ludas Athletics to funnel resources and encouragement into communities most in need of it here in the states and Afghanistan.

For example, in 2012, Wardak organized an event in Miami after the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. Hamed partnered with the Irie Foundation headed by fellow philanthropist and friend DJ Irie.  Aimed at improving the lives of South Florida’s youth, Ludas Athletics put on a massive event at Star Island to encourage civic community responsibility. The event drummed up awareness and resources to foster recreational and educational activities that underprivileged youth wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to experience. From scholarships to assist with the cost of trade school and higher education to mentoring programs designed to equip kids with invaluable skills, young people in South Florida now have a valuable resource thanks to Hamed Wardak, Ludas Athletics, and such efforts.

Hamed Wardak Uses Music To Speak To the Next Generation

Fast forward very close to present-day New York City and Puerto Rico. Hamed Wardak is splitting his time between two places, and a new professional passion has staked claim of Hamed. 

Music is THE universal language, and Hamed Wardak is using this language to engage today’s youth all over the world. Under the banner of Wicked, Hamed Wardak fills the shoes of the musician, the actor, and the DJ. Hamed embodies the Valen of Wicked persona when he is performing for any audience. Valen of Wicked was built as the frontman to share with the world the original techno beats that Hamed is creating and producing from his very own home.

Valen of Wicked embodies the youthful lingo of today’s young people to facilitate communication between generations. This language, both spoken and musical, offers a sneak peek at the musical symbology that’s both reflective of hard, dark times and a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow.

Wardak’s social media page indicates that his stage name is symbolic of the word ‘ Vow.’  Ironically, Valen is reflective of the man Wardak has become to people he’s helped along the way. After all, the word Valen originally meant knightly, valiant, or chivalrous.

According to Valen of Wicked, artistry takes discipline to formulate art to completion. Hamed Wardak calls Valen Of Wicked ‘the entrepreneur of all his created sounds.‘ Hamed Wardak ranks the progress and growth of the Valen of Wicked business by how much of his truth he can lay in front of the audience every time he performs. Fans are indeed saying that a night at the techno club with Valen of Wicked is inspiring, fun, and fascinating every time. With favorable reviews coming in from all sides, this must mean the techno music created is a great product, the persona Valen of Wicked is one successful business,  and the man behind the music, Hamed Wardak, an artist on the rise.

If you are interested in learning more about Hamed Wardak and Valen of Wicked, check out Hamed’s blog HAMED WARDAK SPEAKS or if techno music is more your interest and flavor then go to  Hamed Wardak Music to hear Hamed’s take on the world of Techno yesterday, today and tomorrow.