Why You Should Consider An RN Health Coach Accreditation

There is no doubt that modern medicine has prolonged the lives of countless individuals – and nurses have played an integral part in assisting their patients on the road to a fast recovery after illness or surgery. The area of specialty chosen by nurses has very little to do with the level of dedication and passion they have for caring for people in general. Whether they are performing a pivotal role in easing the suffering of those passing from a terminal illness or assisting in ushering a new life into the world, or simply ensuring that patients under their care in a medical facility are given the highest standard of professional assistance, nurses have a special passion for caring.

This special brand of passion and dedication extends to their careers even though they labor under extraditions that often include long hours and remuneration that doesn’t match the vital services they offer. Despite all this, the love for what they do is what keeps them going.

That being said, there are a growing number of nurses in the more than 3 million strong nursing community in the US that are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the modern medicine fraternity’s almost exclusive focus on treating physical symptoms and ignoring holistic treatment options that address the mental, spiritual, and social needs of patients in addition to the effective enhancement of symptom management.

Nurses interested in these alternative issues may have a valid point when the many benefits of a holistic approach are taken into account. Research has shown that patients who are treated holistically (taking the needs of the whole person into consideration) are seen to recover faster than those who receive only symptom-based care. Holistically treated patients also seem to enjoy the benefits of a better quality of life during recovery that extends beyond recovery.

What is an RN Health Coach?

A Registered Nurse Coach has received accreditation in holistic care that includes focusing on areas such as mindfulness, optimal nutrition, ease of movement, better sleep habits, relationship issues, and many more. The Transformative Nurse Coach Certification Program from The Nurse Coach Collective is a way for many registered nurses to pursue a more fulfilled career. It provides the skills necessary to help guide patients on their journey towards health and well-being. They are trained to empower their patients with the skills needed to navigate through the difficult process of recovery from serious illnesses and well-being beyond recovery.

A holistic approach to recovery is not a quick fix but an incremental process that requires the skills and training a nurse coach has gained on completion of the Nurse Coach Certification Program. A Registered Nurse Coach is not only able to make a tremendously positive contribution towards helping a patient recover and achieve a better quality of life, but it also allows them to reignite their own passion for nursing.

The RN Health Coach Accreditation Program

This health coach program developed by nurses for nurses has been designed specifically for registered nurses who have become disillusioned with symptom-based medical practice and feel that it needs a long overdue change. These nurses have faced many stresses as RNs and see themselves as change agents in their new career paths. They truly believe in the concept of whole-person care for their patients and are excited about the positive impact certification as an RN Health Nurse Coach can have on their lives.

To apply for the full benefits of the RN Health Coach Accreditation Program a Registered Nurse must have an active, unrestricted license regardless of the field of specialty they are in. Even though this ongoing education program requires a certain amount of dedication and focus, it is made easier by the fact the course modules and supporting documentation are made available online. This allows nurses to study for accreditation while continuing their work as RNs. Online telephone support is available from qualified registered nurse coaches as well as access to a community of thousands of other nurses who are currently enjoying the benefits of the program. These accredited nurse coaches are available to provide valuable emotional support and advice to all students.

The Benefits of RN Health Coach Certification

There are numerous so-called ‘health advisors’ active in the market who do not have any formal training, certification, or licenses. Unfortunately, this not only endangers the health of their clients but also has a knock-on effect of damaging to the reputation of the entire caregiver community.

However, students who complete the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program from The Nurse Coach Collective are provided with a nationally accredited certification from AHNCC (the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation) that will differentiate them from unqualified coaches in a highly competitive field. An RN Health Coach Certification can be a key factor in further career development by providing the job satisfaction so greatly lacking in the current nursing situation. In addition, the skills development obtained will not only have a positive impact on their patients but also on their communities and loved ones.

If you are a disillusioned RN wanting to rediscover the passion you had for your career, take the first step towards a more fulfilling and creative life with a holistic approach to patient health and well-being program by calling one of our qualified nurse coaches at The Nurse Coach Collective who will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your new career choice.