Rental Readiness Checklist for First-Time Landlords

Being a first-time landlord is rewarding, but also brings new challenges. Many landlords are aware of the commonalities of being a landlord, such as late rent payments, eviction notices and enforcing the terms of the agreement. There are several things your checklist should include to help you be prepared for those unexpected issues with your […]


Key Takeaways from the New Cybersecurity Executive Order

Sophisticated and intrusive cyberattacks are becoming ever more prevalent, with some questioning that foreign state-sponsored actors are doing all they can to penetrate the supply chain and cause havoc with integral systems. This ultimately compromises the security of the American people and the businesses they curate, as well as the robust cybersecurity defense requirements of […]


NY Recycling Bill Sets Standard for Other States

New York, along with the rest of the United States, is facing the problem of waste control. Without an effective system for garbage and recycling, enormous amounts of waste ends up in landfills and this has a huge environmental impact. If the recent New York recycling bill becomes a successful law, the responsibility of waste […]

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How To Make Your Restaurant’s Carry-Out Or Drive-Thru More Efficient

The restaurant world is more digital than ever before. This means that your customers are online, too. In order to effectively increase both your sales and your company’s exposure, you need to meet your customers where they are- online.  In order to make your restaurant’s processes more efficient, follow these four steps and engage with […]


Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Schooling

As Chicago public schools debate the safety of reopening, half of Illinois students continue in an all-remote learning environment. Many Chicago residents are left helping their children remain engaged with remote learning. There is little getting away from the fact that the pandemic has had a massive impact on the way that we live our […]


The Ripple Effects of CMMC Requirements

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is currently in the process of implementing CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) requirements for private sector businesses. This affects contractors in the DoD supply chain, and this new requirement will ultimately affect around 300,000 companies associated with the DoD. One new update to the CMMC rollout was the announcement […]

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Ways to Remove a Dent from Your Car

Dents in the bodywork of your car can be pretty unsightly and frustrating. No one wants to drive around in a car full of dents. No matter how they got there, you’ll want to remove them in a way that’s straightforward and doesn’t damage the paintwork of the car. Not only is this possible to […]


4 Things to Consider When Selling A Home

When you are getting ready to sell your house, it can be an exciting time. Yet, there are a few critical things that you need to consider when selling a home.  Real Estate Agents Real estate agents work hard to make sure that the owner gets a great price and that the buyer is happy […]


Are Your Employees’ Social Media Practices Affecting Your Cybersecurity?

As a society, we are spending more time than ever on social media. In 2019, people spent over two hours a day on average on social media platforms. With over half of the world’s population accessing social media daily, it comes as no surprise that these sites are a prime target for cyber attackers attempting […]