Carnival Mornings

On carnival nights the frenzy pervades the flesh and takes possession of the wills, the individual vanishes and the lack of control reigns …”
We know that after the hurricane comes the calm and must be like that, as a natural law.

The individual vanishes and the lack of control reigns, the beautiful pleasure of the bodies that dance illuminated by the hypnotizing lights.

Ecstasy of the night, delivery of the dawn and horror of the pacatos.

As something supernatural, the spirit meets again the earthly harmony, when the sun rises.

Light makes us recognize and rediscover the material world.

We are reborn, as in a thousand-year-old ceremony that returns the soul to the body.

And we will never know, exactly, if that is right or wrong.

“Manhã de Carnaval”, with lyrics by Antônio Maria and music by Luiz Bonfá, was composed in 1959 for the film “Orfeo Negro” by Marcel Camus and is one of the best-known Brazilian songs.