6 Common Door Locks Commonly Used for Residential Properties

The security of your residential property is extremely essential for you and your family. Therefore, you must choose the best locking system for your dream home as it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are not sure of which door locks are commonly used for residential properties, then here are 6 common door locks that are perfect for any home

1. Deadbolt Locks

These are the oldest locks that are being used since centuries. There are two major types of deadbolts; single cylinder deadbolt and double cylinder deadbolt. Most commonly used are the single cylinder deadbolts for the main door as these are very hard to pick. The fine mechanism makes it easy to install and gives the most protection to your property. Moreover, if you want to add another layer of security, you can surely get a double cylinder deadbolt as well. However, these are not considered suitable for interiors as there are many other types of locks that work well inside. 

2. Door Knob latches

Door knobs are used worldwide and are most commonly used for the room doors. It provides you mediocre protection and privacy from the people living in the same house with you and is very easy to install. However, it is not ideal for the main doors as it is not as protective and strong as deadlocks. These can be picked easily and if a stronger force is applied, it may collapse without any difficulty. Due to this, the purpose to guard your residence from buglers and criminals goes void. You need something stronger to keep the crooks out.

3. Cylindrical lever locks

If you require a little bit extra privacy while keeping the aesthetics of your doors in place, then these could be your ultimate choice. These are similar to deadbolts and are mostly used for commercial properties, but now this trendy and stylish lock is also chosen for interior doors of the house. However, it is not recommended to be used for exteriors as these are not as strong as deadbolt despite being similar to it, whereas they can be used for both interior and exterior doors which gives deadlocks an advantage over these aesthetically pleasing modern door locks. 

4. Mortise locks

There are two categories of mortise locks; mortise deadbolt and mortise sash lock. A mortise deadlock is a simple lock with a keyhole just like a grade one deadbolt. On the other hand, the Mortise Sash lock features a handle with it as well. This can be used for both interior and exterior doors but it all depends on the numbers of levers present in the mechanism. A five-lever mortise lock is a good option for outer doors as multiple layers of levers reduce the chances of the lock to be picked. Whereas, a mortise latch with three levers is considerable for interior doors. As far as the security and protection are concerned, by applying this lock, you can slumber peacefully.

5. Euro cylinder locks

As the name suggests, euro cylinder locks are commonly used in the countries in the European Union and its surrounding. Although these are not as commonly found in other countries, you can get them easily. One of the major advantages is that these are easy to remove and install. However, the security of this lock can easily be questioned as you can snap this lock effortlessly. This lock was one of the reasons for the increase in the statistics of Burglary in the UK. That is why; these are not much recommended to be used for the front doors. But, its use in the interiors is very common.

6. Digital and smart locks

As we enter the era of technological convergence, most of our electronic stuff is becoming smart and operational from the little device in our hands- smartphones. From air conditioners and fans to door locks, everything now works from smartphones. Electronic locks have gained popularity as they provide extra security and reliability. However, electronic locks and smart locks are two different locks. The smart lock has various ways to work for example, through biometrics, face recognition, etc. on the other hand electronic locks work with wire connections. These locks are the most sought-after in modern times though they may prove to be a bit difficult to handle for those who are old-school. Plus, they are a bit expensive as well, but if these things do not bother you, then this is the best option for modern security.

Now that you are aware of the 6 most common types of door locks used for residential properties, make sure you know your purpose and invest accordingly. If you need help, then locksmith in Rochester can advise you and can also install your desired security lockset.