Best Places in US to Buy Ranch Land in 2021

Best Places in US to Buy Ranch Land in 2021

If there’s one thing the USA does well, it’s ranch land. It’s a country full of varied and wild landscapes, exciting wildlife and so many opportunities for outdoor activities, from hunting to white water rafting. In a country such as this which holds so many opportunities for land investment, where do you even start to look? Luckily we’ve had a think about that for you and out together our top picks of where to pick ranch land.

Before we get to the list, take a minute to ask yourself what you want from your ranch, and hold that idea in your mind – just in case you weren’t sure and our beautifully poetic language about the different options overwhelms you with indecision. 


It’s called Big Sky Country for a reason – you just can’t see the end of the sky in this beautiful state, with its verdant valleys and beautifully meandering rivers leading you off into the distance. This state is the place to go if you’re looking for a peaceful ranch that provides a retreat from everyday life and a return to nature.


Wit its wide open plains and rich history of ranch culture, Texas is never going to be left off any list of the best places to buy ranch land in the US. it’s also a great place to run a cultural expedition with the history of ranches and cowboys in texas as an attraction and live a traditional rancher’s lifestyle.

Colorado Ranch

The US state with the most variety in terms of buying ranch land has to be Colorado – the varied landscape and wildlife means that there’s a lot of variation in the land available too. You just need to take a look at Harrigan Colorado fishing ranches and you can see how different they are from their other hunting ranches. Colorado is also a lucrative place to have ranch land as it can additionally be used to rent out to tourists who want to take advantage of the outdoor sports and amazing landscapes available in this state. 

So there you have it, a few ideas on where is the best place to buy ranch land in the US in 2021. Obviously, this little list is nowhere near exhaustive – but it might give you an idea of where to start looking as you embark on your next adventure.