Customer Service for your Online Business

The business world moving to digital platforms did not suddenly eliminate the need for customer care. In fact, moving to a digital platform further removes you from your client because you lose the face to face, or voice to voice interaction. With no way to rely upon your charisma and charm. You need to develop customer care practices that replace this human component and make your customers believe that their business is important to you, and that your company is a company with integrity. So how do you proceed?

Phone Calls: The first rule of customer service, answer your phone, at least within business hours. And on top of that, make sure you have a toll-free number, so your client isn’t paying for it. If your business is big, it will not be possible to answer all the calls yourself, but fortunately there is a whole world of options for handling phone interaction with your client. From call centres to bots, and lots of things in between. You can get information at The most important part about hiring a call service or installing software is. Make sure you test the system yourself so that you can be assured that your customers experience is professional and intuitive. Nothing drives a customer crazy faster than an incoherent system for communicating their concerns.

Have Integrity: In other words, do what you say you are going to do. And build procedures into your business that ensure that your company is not put in a position of leading people on. If you say you will get back to them, do it. If you say they will get a refund, or some information or If part of your business is outsourced, make sure you follow up personally. Most of your customer concerns can be dealt with easily, and when you do, they are usually impressed. Often to the point of having some loyalty to your business. And these days loyalty is rare.

Be Helpful: There are certain times, when dealing with customers, that you can see what they really need, or what they want but don’t know how to ask. This is an opportunity to help them and you should take that opportunity, even if it means losing a sale or a diminished profit. These are the kinds of giveaways that pay you back more than any advertising campaign. This sort of appreciation cannot be bought,

Train Your Staff: In all things, make sure that your business is consistent, andfor this to happen, you need to have procedures and guidelines that are clear, and your staff needs to know what those are. If your customer is getting different answers from different staff. Or the quality of service is different from agent to agent. You are going to lose business and it won’t be coming back.

Just because you are on the Internet now, and all people can see of your company, is a web page. That doesn’t mean that you can forget that business comes from real people that want to be respected. Losing a customer over service issues should never happen, but if you remember to treat customers with respect, you should gain more than you lose.