How to Find the Best Hires in Big Cities

How to Find the Best Hires in Big Cities

When you’re looking for that perfect person to fill the position in your company, how easy it depends on where you are. If you’re in a small town or even rural setting, you’re not likely to be looking at a huge number of applications so you can take your time sifting through them and make sure you’re choosing the best person.

However, when you move into a big city setting or just a popular company, things get a lot harder. How are you supposed to find the right candidate in this huge sea of possibilities? Luckily, most big cities are absolutely full of solutions to this problem, from Manhattan to Washington D.C, and we look at how to manage in three of the USA’s most competitive cities.


Particularly in a city as highly competitive as Manhattan, you want to make sure your separating the wheat from the chaff. One simple way of doing this is to hide a sentence such as ‘include the phrase tomato ketchup in your application’ somewhere within the description. Many weak candidates simply send off a formulaic application to any vacancy they can find in their industry – and these aren’t candidates you’re likely to be interested in. Luckily, these types of applicants often don’t read the job description, so they will likely miss instructions like that and you can simply screen candidates who don’t include the phrase

Washington D.C. 

One surefire way of finding high-quality candidates is to use a staffing agency, who do the work of finding the right people for you so you can spend time doing other things. This is a great option because many agencies, like this staffing agency in Washington DC, have a set of standards for who they will represent and pass onto their clients – so as long as you know you’re picking a high-quality agency you won’t be disappointed with low-quality staff.

staffing agency in Washington D.C.

Los Angeles

If you’re in Lose Angeles chances are you’re looking for someone with acting talent or tech talent – or in some cases, maybe both. Either way, in such a city as this with specialised industries, you will find specialised staffing or talent agencies to match you not only with the best people but the best people in your niche – say goodbye to hunting down the right candidate!

So there you have it, and all three of these tips will work in any big city: make screening applications easier by requesting a key phrase, find high-quality staffing agencies and find niche-specific staffing agencies. You can’t go wrong getting the best hires if you follow these tips!