How to Set Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. It should be a place that exudes calm and contentment. How can you set up your bedroom to lead to the most rest?


Make sure that your bed is the centerpiece. Other furniture should center around your bed. The best is usually the largest item of furniture within the room, which can mean once it is placed, it is hard to move everything around if you don’t like it. 

Especially when you have a nicer luxury mattress, your bed tends to be heavy. It is better to place your bed correctly the first time to avoid any extra strenuous work.

Many people chose to place their beds centered in the room facing the door, to allow for adequate space for nightstands and other furniture.

Large furniture 

In order to properly balance your room, try to keep other large furniture at the opposite side of the room from the bed. This can be more difficult in smaller rooms, but it is helpful to try to keep some space around the bed. 


What you do and how you do it can significantly impact how you place the furniture in your room. If you have a desk in there at the moment, do you use it often? If not, could the space be better utilized with a different furniture item? 

Take care to arrange your furniture for optimal usage. If you watch TV in bed, then you need to ensure that the best faces are somewhere with electrical sockets on the opposite wall. 

Are you a nighttime reader? Then it is essential that you have space for a lamp by your bedside. Do you get dressed in your bedroom? Then make sure that your mirrors and closets aren’t too far away from each other. 

Plan for your room to be as practical as possible. 


Think about where the light hits your bed. Do you want the morning light to hit you in the morning, or would you prefer to have it elsewhere in the room? Spend some time to learn how far the light reaches and how you can make the most of it. 

Make people who do their makeup or get dressed in their bedrooms like to have as much light as possible. 


Nightstands don’t take up too much space and are incredibly useful. They give you extra room for storage too. You can add one to each side of the bed to provide some symmetry. 


If you don’t have a lot of space, it can be all too easy to see the clutter pile up. The more clutter in the area, the harder it will be to rest and relax. Take some time to sort through everything that you have in your bedroom, and decide if it really needs to be there. 

Removing clutter can give you more space as well as giving your less to tidy up. 

Accent Color

White is usually the go-to color to make rooms bigger and brighter looking, but an accent color can add personality and style without being overbearing. 

Choose an accent color that you love to look at so that you don’t get bored with it. 

These simple tips can help you set up your bedroom to maximize rest and relaxation.