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How To Make Your Restaurant’s Carry-Out Or Drive-Thru More Efficient

The restaurant world is more digital than ever before. This means that your customers are online, too. In order to effectively increase both your sales and your company’s exposure, you need to meet your customers where they are- online. 

In order to make your restaurant’s processes more efficient, follow these four steps and engage with the experts to enhance your mobile ordering system.

Online Ordering System

If you want your customers to find you and keep coming back, your mobile ordering system needs to be efficient and user-friendly. Custom-built apps are seamless and provide maximum visibility for your customers to locate you. 

The visuals and graphics give users a beautiful and engaging experience while ordering delicious food from your establishment. 

Limiting Menu Items For Delivery

While it holds true that you expect sales in business. You want orders to keep coming in, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed so that you end up underperforming and leaving your customer base dissatisfied. 

It’s essential to have a limited menu for online ordering so that you can satisfy the orders and the interests of those you serve. Offering your complete in-house menu online for the mobile ordering system can overwork the staff when they are still trying to serve the dine-in customers. 

Instead, choose the menu items that your establishment is known for in addition to the best-selling ones. You can always offer special or new food on a rotating basis to keep customers interested and curious.

Properly Labeling Orders

It is imperative to have all orders properly labeled every time, without exception. If an order has an incorrect label on it, it will be an unwelcome surprise to the recipient. An unhappy customer will promptly make contact with your restaurant and the order will have to be rectified. 

You’ll likely have to compensate another delivery person to deliver another order and offer a conciliatory incentive or discount to encourage the dissatisfied customer to order from you again. 

All of this wasted staff time, food, money, and effort could have been avoided if the initial order had been properly labeled. 

Initiating an effective labeling system, such as attaching the receipt directly to the bag as soon as the order has been placed inside will reduce unnecessary steps. The receipt should have the customer’s name, address, and food order written on it. The packaged food itself should have the dish name written directly on it. 

With this system, checks and balances are in place.

Delegate Orders

Delegating delivery and carry-out orders to specific employees will save headaches and frustration. It will streamline determining who is responsible for which tasks when they need to be accomplished in a timely manner. 

Assign employees to work on delivery and carry-out orders only while other employees take care of dine-in and drive-thru orders will ensure quality control of processes and help stop unwanted mistakes.

There are some mainstays in life: one of them is that people need to eat. There is a lot of competition for people’s hard-earned dollars in the carry-out or drive-thru arena. 

Initiate and follow through on these simple processes to ensure customer retention and interest for years to come.