Step by step instructions to Sew On Velcro

We offer many support alternatives at Patches by The/Studio however the one I like best is Velcro backing. The explanation I like the Velcro backing choice the best is on the grounds that it such a multifaceted choice. You can change out your custom fix with another custom fix in light of the fact that the circle a piece of the fix is connected to your attire. This sponsorship alternative is likewise entirely solid and will keep going quite a while. Huge numbers of our clients that pick Velcro backing are the military , airsoft groups and paintball groups , these clients depend on our Velcro being solid and extreme and that is exactly what sort of Velcro we offer. 

At Patches by The/Studio we sew the Velcro backing onto  the rear of your custom badge , the sponsorship will be sliced to the specific shape and measurement of the weaved fix you request. At the point when you get your specially weaved fix , the main thing left for you to do is sew the Velcro circle onto the piece of clothing you want. I know some of you may be reevaluating Velcro backing after I referenced two words, you and sewing. I guarantee sewing on Velcro is so natural , just read the means beneath and your fix will be all set! 

What is a Velcro Patch? 

A custom velcro patch backing for a fix is a straightforward method to append a fix to your coat, cap, knapsack, pack and that’s just the beginning. This sponsorship alternative is entirely sturdy and will keep going quite a while. Numerous clients depend on a Velcro backing, as it is extremely solid and intense. You can apply Velcro fixes effectively, making it a mainstream technique for patches. 

What is a Velcro Loop? 

A Velcro circle assists with affixing the support to a fix, which brings about a solid and durable sponsorship for your fix. Without the Velcro circle, you won’t have the option to affix the support of your fix, which is the reason it is essential. 

Things you will require: 

  • Velcro circle 
  • Needle 
  • String 
  • Custom Patch 

Step by step instructions to Sew On Velcro Correctly 

Stage 1: Position your Velcro Loop backing onto the piece of clothing you need your weaved fix to be. 

Stage 2: Mark the zone where you will put the Velcro Loop. You can utilize a pen or a marker. 

Stage 3: Thread your needle. Ensure that the string matches the shade of the Velcro. 

Stage 4: Thread the needle and tie a bunch on the finish of the string. 

Stage 5: Put the needle through the Velcro circle. Sew an away from toward the start of the main join and back-fasten toward the start of the line prior to proceeding ahead along the Velcro circle edge. Keep sewing along the edge of the Velcro circle until you arrive at the opposite finish of the Velcro Loop. Sew another back-join toward the finish of your line to make sure about the line. 

Stage 6: Now you can connect your custom fix with the Velcro Backing onto the Velcro circle that you have recently sewn on. 

Stage 7: You did it! Make the most of your exclusively weaved fix! 

See! I disclosed to you that it’s not confounding or hard to sew on Velcro. When it is totally done, you will be so content with the consequences of your custom Velcro fix and its usefulness. You will definitely be intrigued about the fact that it is so easy to utilize Velcro. Yet, in the event that for reasons unknown you are as yet not happy with sewing on Velcro, put down your needle and string and call your nearby tailor or cleaners!