Storing Your Marijuana Seeds the Right Way

Despite the abundance of choice concerning marijuana seeds Aussie, there will be people who are keen to grow their own cannabis. As more advocacy groups and businesses are taking measures to create clear cannabis commerce routes, home growing is enjoying just as much activity.

Although some may want to purchase seeds as and when they need them, others will want to ensure that they have plenty of seeds in stock, especially those that have gained momentum with their harvest.

However, even the best quality seeds can falter if they are not stored in the right way, which is why one of the essential parts of growing cannabis can be the storage of the seeds.

The following is an overview of some of the conditions that need to be met when storing cannabis seeds, as well as some of the other processes that need to be followed to ensure that cannabis seeds are not germinating too early.

Finding the Right Environment

One of the most common mistakes made when storing marijuana seeds can be focusing too much on the storage as opposed to the environment being used. Although the type of storage used is essential, the setup of the environment is just as important.

A dark environment is crucial as it ensures the seeds do not germinate on their own while ensuring the climate is cool and dark also helps eliminate the accident sprouting of marijuana seeds.

Ensure the Marijuana Seeds Remain Sealed

Given the importance of ensuring the environment is protected against UV rays, the storage used needs to carry out the same role. Those looking to preserve the longevity of their cannabis seeds will often consider the use of vacuum locking, although dark, airtight containers can be just as useful.

Ensure Storage is Labelled

Although some will only be storing one type of marijuana seed, others may want to store several different variants. When keeping more than one type of cannabis seed, the importance of labelling becomes evident.

Although some seeds have distinguishing marks, some can look similar. Ensuring all forms of storage are labeled ensures that there is never any confusion when planting seeds in the future. The last thing you want to discover when growing a crop is that the wrong seeds have been used. 

How Long Can Marijuana Seeds Be Stored For? 

Some people may be under the impression that cannabis seeds can only last for a short time, but they can last a surprisingly long time if they are stored in the right way. Some growers have been able to get seeds sprouting after as long as five to six years in storage.

Those looking for even longer longevity could consider the freezing cannabis seeds, although this is typically reserved for maintaining a large number of crops.

Should You Store Cannabis Seeds or Purchase Them as and When They are Needed?

A commonly asked question is as to whether its best to store cannabis seeds or purchase them just before planting. It comes down to personal preference and working with what options you have available. 

For example, some may not be able to find the right environment for cannabis storage, so will need to ensure that they use a reputable supplier that can offer prompt delivery of high-quality seeds.

Similarly, those that have access to plenty of storage may want to take the opportunity to store some of their favourite strain of cannabis. Experimenting with the growing of marijuana allows you to ascertain what works best, and you can always expand as and when your skill set increases.