Things To Consider When Getting a New Dog

Things To Consider When Getting a New Dog

So, you’ve gone past the daydreaming phase and you’re officially on track to get a new dog. Awesome! There’s nothing like welcoming a new furry friend into the family to be your best friend for years to come. However, it’s also easy to get caught up in the excitement – when you’re buying a pet, be sure to remember the old adage ‘a dog is not just for Christmas.’ There’s a lot more to consider than just names and a breed y9ou like.

Taking on a dog is a big commitment and a big responsibility which needs to be thought all the way through; it’s not just a time investment, but a financial one too that might even include some home modifications to accommodate your new family member. So what are some oft-overlooked things that you should take into consideration when buying a dog?

The Right Kind of Food

If you’re new to the dog owning world, you might not know that not all dog food is created equal. Not only are different brands different prices, but there are also different options for big dogs and small dogs, old dogs and young dogs – you need to look into making sure you have the right food for your new pet and additionally, factor in the correct cost to your expected expenditure on the pet. Otherwise, it might come as a nasty surprise!

Emergency Savings

Even if you can afford to keep a dog month to month, animals need emergency funds just like people do. Make sure you have a little bit to set aside each month for unexpected vet visits or other dog-related bills. It’s better to put some aside and be safe over sorry, rather than get caught unawares and find you can’t afford the care your beloved pet needs.


You may be planning on getting a dog sitter when you go out of town, but chances are that you will want to take your dog away with you at some point. Don’t forget to get an appropriate and safe doggy cage to put in your car, so your pet can safely travel long distances with you.

Doggie Door

This is a surprising one that often gets overlooked, especially by those of us who grew up with pets in the house – what do you mean, houses don’t just come with doggie doors? Luckily though, pet door products are easy to source and pretty affordable, so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to the system to get one of these installed.

Getting a new dog is an exciting time in your life – just make sure you’re prepared so you can enjoy it to the max!