Yoga for Seniors – Getting Started & Why it’s So Beneficial

You are never too old to start yoga and enjoy its many benefits. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, it is great for improving your fitness level, flexibility, and mental health. Practicing yoga as a senior citizen is excellent for your physical health and overall wellness. It is no wonder why yoga is becoming more and more popular amongst older adults. Here are some tips to get started and a list of benefits.

How to Start Yoga

The best way to learn about yoga is to do some research online and see what the activity is all about. This will make you feel more comfortable when you first attend a class. There is a wide variety of yoga styles to choose from, not all of them are the same and some are better suited for older adults. Some of the most common yoga styles, include:

  • Hot yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Bikram yoga

Before you get started as a beginner, look into some of the styles and choose one that you think you may like.

What to Wear

It is important to choose comfortable attire such as yoga pants, shorts, loose fitting t-shirts, and close-fitting tops for women. When you perform each pose, you’ll want clothes that don’t fly over your head you move. Yoga is all about relaxing your body and mind, so don’t wear anything that irritates you as you take up poses throughout the class.

There is no need to invest in type of exercise shoes as yoga is done in your barefoot. If you’d like to wear socks, make sure you invest in socks that have grip on the soles to ensure you don’t slip around while on the mat.

Reasons to Try Yoga as an Older Adult

There are many reasons to take up yoga even as an older adult. If you are still a bit apprehensive, discover some of the benefits listed below.

Making Friends

There are several ways to make new friends and joining an exercise class is one of easiest ways to meet new people. When you join a yoga class, you have the opportunity to mix with like-minded people. As an older adult, it can be sometimes hard to make new friends, trying yoga opens up a lot of opportunities.

Better Mental Health

Yoga is a great way to improve your mental health by reducing stress. Through meditation and mindful breathing, you can focus on the now and find peace during your practice periods. It helps with anxiety and fights depression.

Better Sleep

Many older adults complain of sleep disturbances. Practicing yoga has been proven to combat insomnia and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Getting started as a senior citizen is easy. If you are nervous about going to a yoga class, do some research online and find out more about the activity. Once you are prepared for the class, you’ll enjoy the experience, meet new people, and feel great once the routine has finished. Yoga is easy to learn and it has lots of proven health benefits.