4 Incredible Resources For Small Business Owners

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA)

Small business grants may be the answer. Use the free resources provided by the SBA to learn how to launch, expand, or sell your small business. Small company entrepreneurs can access interactive tools and educational content from the SBA. Additionally, you can discover business credentials, receive capital for your organization, and qualify for government contracts.


HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that uses the cloud and offers free and premium plans. Numerous free programs are available, including short courses and in-depth certification sessions. Additionally, it offers the HubSpot Academy, a continuing education program targeted at managers, department heads, and staff members. You can show earned badges on corporate profiles and websites.

Obtain certificates by taking online courses, like:

  • Digital advertising
  • Incoming sales
  • Growth-driven architecture
  • Content promotion
  • Sales management
  • Digital Marketing

Visit HubSpot’s Website Grader as well. Click “receive your score” after entering your company’s website and email address. Your website receives a grade from HubSpot based on its functionality, SEO, mobile friendliness, and security. It also offers a list of suggestions for enhancing the website.

Reserve Executive Service Corps (SCORE)

SCORE offers various services for company owners, including interactive courses, free business templates, webinars, and regional workshops. Each module offers videos, webinars, and digital tools to help you expand your business with Google. A free digital preparation course was created by SCORE in collaboration with Google and the International Downtown Association (IDA).

Any citizen or permanent resident who runs a business or plans to do so can get mentorship from SCORE. By entering your state or zip code and refining the results by business stage, topic, and format, you can find SCORE events and workshops close to you. The conversations take place electronically, allowing you to contact your mentor by phone, email, or video.

America’s Business Chambers of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business group in the world, supports local chapters, promotes anti corruption measures, business-friendly regulations, and offers free tools to entrepreneurs. By joining a local chapter, you may network in your community and access numerous virtual events and educational guides on small business themes. 

Save the following ideas for often-updated content: 

Local chapters:

Find a chamber of commerce in your area to become involved locally. Numerous regional organizations in 57 states and territories provide chances for community networking.

Room On Demand:

On the Chamber OnDemand portal, you may access films, discussions, and interviews with professionals, corporate executives, and public authorities. Browse topics or series like technology, economics, or public policy.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: C.O.

Learn more about small businesses on C.O.—by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to start or end your day. It provides fact-based information on the best ways to launch, develop, and manage your business. Additionally, you can get professional advice from business owners and leaders in the sector.

This is only the cream of the crop regarding resources for small businesses. Check your local community college for even more localized resources.