Jeans, a line in constant evolution

Of high shot, chupines, oxford, boyfriend style, among others. Jeans, ideal for marking curves, have become a garment in constant evolution.
Although the years pass, jeans will remain a star garment. However, with the passage of time this joker, used in men and women, has also been changing.

Youthful, fun and stylish , jeans have become a constantly evolving garment.

This is how Jazmin Chebar presented jeans for this season with new washes, contrasts, fabrics and textures.

With an unmistakable stamp through its unique designs and excellent quality , the winter season of Jazmin, expresses the movement as an interpreter of the playful spirit that defines its essence.

This Tuesday the brand presented its new collection with a parade in one of the cinemas of Córdoba Shopping. A full room, more than 200 exclusive clients enjoyed a live show to learn about the new #ShakeItBaby proposal.

For this winter, the brand takes on its iconic garments in a proposal that highlights strong colors and hand-designed prints.

The garments that give a casual look are protagonists, with craft processes, embroidery and technology that differentiate them. In tailoring, soft garments, kimonos, silk pants and capes are adapted to a more contemporary use.

The woven poncho is highlighted with fun designs of mouths, tigers and stripes.

The leather clothing continues to occupy an important place, not only in jackets but in dresses, tops, pants and covered, for day and night.

The accessories, wallets and shoes, come intervened with pieces made by hand and combined with technology and innovation.

Upcoming events Trendy Week. This Thursday 3, UMA will present its collection with its casual chic imprint for day and night. On Tuesday 8, it will be the turn of Bendito Pie , with a parade on the terrace of the Shopping. On Wednesday 9, CHER celebrates its new season with an After on the terrace, in the framework of the celebration for the 15 years of the brand. Finally, on Thursday, the 10th, the closing will be in charge of Key Biscayne , with a cocktail in its premises and exclusive benefits for its clients.