5 Home Improvement Ideas If You’re on a Budget

So… You want to improve your home or need conservatory door repairs but your pocket is not agreeing to it, right? Then congratulations; you have landed on the right page. Here we will tell you how you can do home remodelling in NYC without costing you an arm and a leg. Remember, whenever you are on a budget, make friends with DIY.

1.Give your walls a Paint therapy

Cost: About $150

Fresh paint brings life to the walls. You can easily paint your walls by yourself. Either wash away the old stains or start off by a virgin white coat on the walls. Then select a shade of paint that well suits the size and dimensions of your room. Get your old clothes on and start painting the walls. Let dry and enjoy a new budget friendly look to your home.

You have multiple options in home renovation when it comes to paint. Select different colour schemes for different rooms. Paint one wall differently than the other three if you wish to. You can also add texture by using common household items like rope, bubble wrap or leaves. Be creative and let your home stand proof to it.

2.Paint your floors too

Cost: $75

Paint cannot only brighten up your walls, it can also add to the personality of the floors. Have you ever walked on a patterned floor and noticed how mesmerised it feels to walk upon patterns? You can add this element to your home floorings. Try figuring out what pattern goes with your theme. Get some durable floor paints. Remember, measurements are important. If you wish to go for a lined or checkered pattern, tape can help you master the design. To make it more durable, apply multiple coats.

3.Go for crown moulding 

Cost: $120

Have you ever entered a house and been stunned by the royal ceilings? You can also add a flavour of royalty to your ceilings through crown moulding. Crown moulding is one of the favourites when it comes to home remodelling in NYC. Does it sound like a tiring expensive idea? Thanks to trimroc moulding, it is now easier.

In this type of moulding, lightweight polystyrene foam is coated in hard plaster. In contrast to miter straw frustration in conventional crown moulding, this cuts easily with the help of a handsaw. It is handy to take it up and you do not have to worry about the tricky angles. You can dab some mud on the joints to make them disappear. Easy peasy, right? 

4.Replace expensive bottled water with water filter

Cost: $250

If you are one of those thousands of households who consume bottled water for drinking purposes, you are not just burdening the planet but also your pocket. Your concerns for the purity and taste of drinking water can be addressed through a water filter.

The expense you bear on getting a water filter installed is like an investment. You will save more in future than the upfront payment you make for installation. Also, you are investing in a green future. There are various kinds of water filters available in the market. Get the one that suits your space the best.

5.Become a fan of ceiling fan

Cost: $50-$250

Ceiling fans are gaining popularity across the country. They serve to be great energy savers, surprisingly, in both seasons. During summer season, ceiling fans produce cool wind which reduces usage of air conditioners. In winters, fans help circulate heated air in the room creating a cozy atmosphere.

You can easily install a ceiling fan in your room especially when there is a power connection like the one for a chandelier or fancy light. Also, if you can access the point through attic, it becomes easier to install the fan.