Affordable Home Upgrades That Anyone Can Do

Affordable Home Upgrades That Anyone Can Do

 After the thirtieth time you hit your head on that poorly placed kitchen cabinet and struggled with the conservatory door repair, you start to realise you really can’t live with this – and you’d like to redo a few things around the house, including that tricky door. But getting workmen and designers in and all of that complicated stuff is so expensive and stressful, it hardly seems worth the hassle. Buying new furniture is also a bit of a nightmare – you have to go and choose it and then you have to get it home, not to mention through the house to the right room…. Plus, furniture is and always has been almost unbelievable expensive.

The answer, as it often does, lies with DIY. This allows you the best of both worlds – you can avoid the expense and hassle of workmen, but you still get to make the changes you want without having to buy expensive ready made furniture or hire designers. Wonderful. So what are some of the options you have when it comes to affordable DIY home upgrades?

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

In the case of our kitchen cabinet, the best solution is to look for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. You will be able to choose from a fantastically wide range of options to suit any style you might be going for, and they’re really easy to assemble and affix, meaning you can have a whole new-look kitchen in less than an afternoon (plus delivery time). You also get the satisfaction of having built something yourself and feeling proud when your friends are complimentary – and you can’t beat that.

New Drapes

This may sound trivial, but it’s really surprising the effect drapes can have on a whole room – in the same way that you don’t notice a person’s eyebrows unless they are exceptional or abysmal but they really do frame a person’s face. If you’re getting sick of a room the way it is, give it a good spring clean and put up some new curtains in a bright but neutral tone, and you’ll be surprised what a lift it gives the room.

A statement wall

Often, when we look at a room and think it’s getting a bit drab, changing one thing will do as much good as a whole remodel. Often what we mean when we say a room is looking tired is just that it’s been the same for a while, and that’s easily changed. Just switch the furniture around a bit, and add a statement wall. You can opt either for a brightly coloured paint or a pattern, but either way, it will change how the room feels and you’ll start to enjoy spending time in it again.

It’s easy to get bored of the way our home looks because we spend so much time there – but you don’t need to go ripping out the dividing walls just yet. Try a few of these simple, affordable tips first and see if they scratch your redecorating itch.