A Guide to Buying Real Estate in Brisbane

If you have decided to move to sunny Brisbane, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as this tropical city is bathed in sunshine all year round and is one of the most desirable regions in the whole of Australia. While prices are on the high side, you can expect to see a healthy appreciation over the years, and with such a dynamic residential development lending market, you need to act quickly when you do see something that hits the spot.

Sourcing the Right Real Estate Company

Obviously, you want to see as many properties that are in your price range as is possible, and that’s where the real estate company comes in. Whether you are looking at houses for sale in Aspley or Highgate Hill, the leading real estate company would have all the listings, allowing you to browse, and should there be any that you would like to view, the property broker would quickly arrange a viewing.

What Are you Looking for in a Residential Area?

It is important that you decide exactly what amenities you use on a regular basis, which will help you when searching the various suburbs. If, for example, you have children, then you should be looking at areas where there are suitable institutions nearby, and how about the immediate vicinity of a property you are looking at? A drive around will soon give you the answer to this question, plus the real estate company would be able to help you regarding local facilities.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

If you make an offer on a property and you don’t yet have pre-approval for the loan, the seller won’t take you seriously, so do make sure you contact a local mortgage broker who can source the right loan that best meets your needs. Avoid brokers that are tied to a single lending house, rather look for an independent mortgage broker, as they would have associations with many lenders, which means they can find a mortgage that is more suited to you and your lifestyle.

Crunching the Numbers

Relocating is a very costly business, so you will need to crunch the numbers and calculate all of the expenses. Selling your old home means paying the real estate broker, then there’s stamp duty on the new residence, although you won’t have to pay the independent mortgage broker, as they receive a small remuneration from the lender, and the real estate company collect their fee from the seller.

Relocation Costs

Let’s not forget that you have to ship all your worldly possessions into the new home and with things like blinds and the odd bit of furniture, you will have some expense when you move in. You can find interstate removal companies online and ask a couple to quote for the move, and once you know your budget, you can start looking at properties.

Brisbane is expected to remain one of the most attractive locations in Australia for many years, and with the right real estate company in your corner, you should have no trouble finding the home of your dreams in sunny Brisbane.