Gift Ideas for the Newly Engaged

Finding the best gift for your newly engaged friend, family or colleague can be tough. The Big Day itself is fast approaching, which means you have to save for an expensive wedding gift. But, you don’t want to show up to their engagement party empty-handed because that would be downright rude.

Want to get ahead of the wedding gift registry? Here are 11 gift ideas for your friend, cousin, family or coworker who just got engaged.

A Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map

The newly engaged couple is overflowing with excitement, joy, and romance. Deep down, they don’t want this feeling to fade – they want to savor the moment forever.

There’s a way you can freeze the moment with the help of Twinkle In Time.

This service allows you to create a custom star map, a high-quality map that displays the stars precisely as they were on any given location and date. Choose the day and location where your friends got engaged. It simply doesn’t get much more charming and thoughtful than this!

Personalized Wine

You can’t wait to see your friends walk down the aisle. They can’t wait to say I do and venture into the “happy ever after” land, too. However, wedding planning can be overwhelming, not to mention the hefty price tag.

If your friends love a good bottle of wine, here is a perfect gift for them. Head over to and make your friend feel special with a personalized bottle of wine. Don’t forget to include a moving message in the label. You can even tuck the bottle into an adorable wine tote bag to add a little oomph to your gift.

Custom T-shirts

Should your colleague, relative or friend has just been proposed to, there is all the more reason to drink, eat and be jolly. And what could go be better for an engagement party than custom tees for newly engaged?

That’s exactly why I love It is hands down the best place to get personalized apparel. You can buy a custom t-shirt for less than $20. The secret, however, is in the customization process.

The site lets you customize just about everything. So, don’t be afraid to make the t-shirts corny. Insert the names (or, better yet nicknames) of the newly engaged plus a funky message.

Weezie Starter Pack Towels

New towels are a popular gift for newlyweds, but they can also make a great engagement present. The Weezie starter pack includes 2 hand towels and 4 ultra-soft bath towels for the lucky couple. Take it up a notch and add their initials to the towels. This is a gift that will knock down one item from their registry.

Stylish Water Bottle

The chances are good that the bride and groom will want to hit the gym or work out regularly. After all, they want to look and feel their best during their big day. That’s why you won’t go wrong with a stylish water bottle.

Cool Things Chicago has rounded up an excellent list of the best water bottle of 2019. Whether the couple wants a bottle for their honeymoon, gym, hiking or office life, there’s something for everyone and every occasion on the list.

Skip the bland disposable bottles, and go for sleek-looking reusable water bottles like Kool8. This is a bottle that is easy to buy, and there are several colors to choose from to match the mood and style of the couple.

I already own Kool8 water bottle in grey color. The bottle itself is well-designed and will fit in your hand snugly. I love that it is made of stainless steel and can hold 18 ounces of liquid. As a tea lover, this bottle has made my life so much easier because I can brew a cup at home or in the office.

Mikasa Palazzo Crystal Vase

Every newly engaged couple can stand to benefit from a crystal vase. After all, this is something that has become almost synonymous with weddings. Because this is an item that most people don’t usually purchase for themselves, a crystal vase will make a fantastic engagement gift.

This crystal vase by Mikasa Palazzo comes highly recommended. It’s a 12-inch vase, which means it’ll elevate just about any flower and make it the focal point of any room. The couple will absolutely love the modern look and feel of this crystal vase.

Wedding Planning Book

The newly engaged will soon start worrying about their wedding. Get them a resourceful wedding planning book like The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Calendars & Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

This well-written and visually-rich guide are teeming wedding ideas, crafts, inspiration, and much more to help your friend throughout the process. It is available in calendar and ring-bound options.

Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mug Set

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of joe? This custom Mr. and Mrs. coffee mug set is what the doctor prescribed for the pre-wedding season. Use the design theme to personalize the style, accent, and text down to the t.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

I know they aren’t exactly cheap, but the groom to be will truly appreciate a good pair of headphones. If he loves music, Bose QuietComfort 35 is your best shot at a gift that will not gather dust after a few months.

These are professional-grade headphones that provide incredible sound quality so that the groom-to-be can relax and listen to his favorite tunes in the midst of chaotic wedding planning.

Old Timely Marriage Advice Book

If you are looking to give something fun yet subtly helpful, give them a marriage advice book like “How to Be a Good Husband/Wife.” The books in this series from The Bodleian Library are chock-full of humorous instructions, tips and tidbits on marriage life.

Longwear Nail Polish

This Essie Gel Couture topcoat and polish set is what the bride-to-be needs. Scrap that, wants. Having received a ring, her hands will be the focus of attention. This manicure set will make sure that she is always set-go to show off the luster and size of the ring’s rock.