How To Get The Contemporary Look

How To Get The Contemporary Look

If you’re fashion conscious and keeping up with the sleek modern trends is important to you, then the contemporary interior style might be the best style for you. While modern décor has a stereotype of being cold and plain, this isn’t always the case. More and more contemporary homes are going for a comfortable and warm appearance, and you certainly don’t need to sacrifice those stylish sleek lines you love.


Flooring in modern style homes should be smooth, minimalistic and sophisticated. With this being said, options such as wood, vinyl and laminate are fantastic choices, but stay away from patterned carpets, as these are linked with classical homes. You can certainly warm your flooring up with a rug, perhaps a wicker one, but generally try and stick to something clean and unflawed looking. 


Neutrals such as white, cream and black are the main colours exhibited in contemporary style homes. Use black to make a bold statement, or white if you just need something that will go with everything, especially bold furnishings. Bright colours can be pulled off too, but make sure the other colours are neutral to complement it. 


This is something to think carefully about, and a really good way of introducing your personality into your home. Stay away from busy patterns and outdated furniture, especially from antique stores. Consider adding a wipe clean tablecloth for both functionality and a modern touch. Fabrics are an interesting feature, but generally keep it light and refreshing, not dark and dingey. Replace heavy curtains with airy cottons or blinds.

Furniture with exposed legs tends to give off a clean-cut look rather than clumpy shapes. Too many tassels, fringes and skirts should be avoided and can make your room look old-fashioned and take away from the elegant smooth appearance you’ve been after. If you go for plainer furniture, spice things up by including some patterns in there too.