Premium A5 Wagyu Shipped to Your Door

When A5 Wagyu beef becomes part of the conversation, often people think of Michelin restaurants and paying at least $300 for a small piece, barely enough to satisfy one’s appetite. However, it is now possible to get a hold of a big A5 Wagyu steak for only a hundred dollars and what makes it more interesting is that you can get it shipped to your doorstep!

Wagyu Beef 

Understanding why Wagyu beef is special requires knowing its production. One of the requirements of Wagyu is that the meat can only come from certain breeds of Japanese cows, namely Black, Brown, Poll, and Shorthorn. These breeds were originally used as draft animals, so they needed to be firm with great endurance. Consequently, these cattle were able to develop an increased intramuscular fat (IMF), which contributes to the sough-after marbling of Wagyu. 

The beef is strictly graded by the Japanese Meat Grading Association, examining the yield, the ratio of meat compared to the actual carcass weight, as well as marbling content, color, fat standard, firmness, and texture. The highest grade possible is A5, wherein A stands for yield and 5 as marbling content, color, fat, firmness, and texture. Additionally, Wagyu is also tightly regulated and monitored by the Japanese government to ensure its quality and value.

Kai Wagyu

In December 2020, Kai Wagyu began its operations to offer the public authentic and high-quality Wagyu. They sell this coveted meat for both retail and wholesale at relatively affordable prices compared to other suppliers. Recognizing the growing demand for Wagyu, the team behind Kai Wagyu took it as an opportunity to be the first company in the States to import directly from Top Farms. 

The beef produced by Top Farms is at par with high-end Kobe beef, as many people know about. Aside from online orders, a variety of our Wagyu selections would be available in Kai Wagyu’s premium butcher shop set to open in Costa Mesa, California. Different cuts will also be available, such as steak, sliced cuts, and even whole primal cuts. In addition, they will also be selling high-end Japanese knives with different types of Japanese seafood. Ultimately, it is a one-stop shop for premium Japanese food products. 

However, if you are too lazy or too busy to head to their stores, do not worry because, as mentioned, they ship Wagyu through FedEx and usually arrive within one to two days. They also preserve the meat through careful packaging, including dry ice and/or ice packs to ensure it stays frozen during shipment. For online purchases over $198, customers can also enjoy free FedEx Overnight Shipping.

All of the meat Kai Wagyu offers are stored in its USDA-approved processing facility in Los Angeles. This enables them to import and process the meat sourced from Japan. This also gives them the ability to offer wholesale options to supply hotels, restaurants, butcher shops, grocery stores, and the like, along with retail options. 

To purchase fine and premium Wagyu without the hassle of dining in, you can visit Kai Wagyu’s website or Instagram page.