NANO Hearing Aids VS Eargo VS Costco: What reviews say

NANO Hearing Aids VS Eargo VS Costco: What reviews say

28.8 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 could benefit from using hearing aids, less than 16% have ever used them. Hearing loss is quite a big problem throughout. A bigger problem is that the industry is saturated with overly expensive hearing aids and companies that either want to profit immensely from their clients. Choosing the correct hearing aid is hard, choosing the correct brand is even harder. Below is a comparison of three well known hearing aid companies, their devices, their prices as well as pros and cons of each. Other hearing aid companies like MDHearing Aids and Resound Hearing Aids can also be considered


Costco does not have their own brand of hearing aids, instead they support and distribute hearing aids from five manufacturers, including Kirkland. What’s great about them is that they have retailers all around the US and customers can easily visit their hearing aid centers. They have a variety of basic and high-end hearing aids. Their products are affordable with their basic aids starting from $1499 per pair and their most expensive models can cost up to $2999 per pair. Their most expensive product has bluetooth compatibility. Another great aspect of Costco is that they have free services like testing, fitting and follow-up appointments. Their products have a 180-day return policy. 

The cons about Costco is that it does not have an online option at all, and in such a modern day and age, even hearing aid companies need to keep up with the times. Customers cannot take hearing tests online or telephonically or order their products online for delivery, they will have to physically visit the hearing aid center. Clients also need to be a Costco member, not just anyone would be able to walk into a Costco and buy their products. Another con is that they have no payment plans for customers that can not afford to pay the once off payment, meaning one would need to save for a few months until enough money is saved to buy the hearing aid. Just wonder how many conversations one would have missed in those few months of saving? Costco has received a 3-star rating from customers. 


Eargo is a health tech company who strives to make their customers’ lives better through innovative technology in their products. They have 3 different hearing aids customers can choose from from. All their designs are open fit and breathable. Their products are good quality and almost invisible, their hearing aids are also rechargeable. They have licenced professional support and are 100% covered by federal benefits. They have once-off and payment plan options. Their most basic hearing aids are more expensive than Costco, however their best product is more affordable than Costco’s best product. Their most basic model is the Eargo Max that costs $1850 and payment plans start from $86. The Eargo Neo costs $2350 per pair and payment plans start from $137. Their most innovative product is the Eargo Neo Hifi and this costs $2650 per pair.  Another pro of Eargo is that they do have an online shop and professionals to help clients telephonically.

The cons of Eargo is that their products are not suitable for clients with profound hearing loss. Only clients with moderate hearing loss would be able to buy their products, this shows they won’t be able to cater for everyone. Another con of Costco is that they have a return policy of 45 days with a $99 handling fee, so clients that do not have $99 and are not happy with the product are stuck with it. Eargo has received a 4-star rating from customers. 


NANO Hearing Aids is an online only hearing aid company founded in 2017. They have 4 different products to choose from and their products cater for all ages and severity of hearing loss. What makes NANO great is that they have great customer service and it’s really easy and quick for customers to get their hearing aids. They offer free online or telephonic hearing tests and advice. Their four products are the RX2000, the X2, the SIGMA and the X2R. The RX2000 is NANOs most basic product and costs $397 per pair. The X2 is one of  their most popular products and cost $697 per pair. Their best products are XR2 and the SIGMA which costs $797. The SIGMA is their most innovative and best product which is loaded with great technology and connects to one’s mobile app. It’s quite obvious that NANO is the most affordable option when it comes to hearing aids. They also offer payment plans to customers who can not pay the price once off. They have a 45 day return and cash back guaranteed policy which is great.

There are not many negatives about NANO, other than they do not have a physical store, which is also not such a big con. According to Public reviews they have received a 4.5 star rating from customers and clients.