What Are The Top Strains?

The cultivation of cannabis is widely popular across the world. For years, growers have been harvesting some of the top strains using strong effects to offer people the best cannabis plant genetics on the market. Cannabis plants have some of the best strains that are renowned and should be tried by those who enjoy using this majestic plant. Along with over the top quality of Indica and Sativa pure cannabis, tons of hybrid strains are known and famous worldwide. Below are the top cannabis strains that are popular and have been in demand for many years.

Bruce Banner:

Bruce Banner is one of the most popular strains globally, which has got its name from the ever-lasting comic book named Hulk. The name suits this strain of cannabis as it offers a powerful kick. Bruce banner is from the Sativa range and is quite dominant in its taste and kick. This strain’s effects are felt very quickly and offer relaxation to people suffering from anxiety and other disorders. Bruce banner has a very high THC content ranging between 25% to 30%, whereas the CBD content is low. These plants are tall, reaching a height up to six feet, and it takes around 70 days to harvest.

Butterscotch Strain:

In this butterscotch strain review, we will learn about this strain in brief. This strain is an Indica dominant, and the name comes from its high taste, which is very similar to butterscotch. The buds of this strain are very dense. This strain is perfect for giving a moderate-high that can help people to get a good sleep. This strain offers a high that is enjoyable and will keep you coming back for more. Users have appreciated the butterscotch strain for delivering a good sleep, especially to those suffering from an insomniac disorder. This strain is believed to provide a relaxed sensation, which is hard to find in any other strains.


The trainwreck is another popular strain of the cannabis plant, which has both Sativa and Indica content. The Indica characteristics in this strain offers users a cerebral high that is unique and much loved. This strain comes from its growing place where the two brothers who used to cultivate it had to pull the crops early because of the trainwreck situated nearby. The Indica content in the strain offers users a relaxed and laid-back feeling, which is believed to be an excellent pain relief mechanism. The THC content is high enough, but it is low when compared to others ranging from 15% to 20%. The CBD content in this strain is relatively low, ranging from 0% to 1%.

White Widow:

White Widow is a prevalent strain, having received acclaim and awards from the High Times Cannabis Cup. This strain is sticky and has heavy resin strains and is used by a lot of hash makers. The high trichrome count makes it perfect for being used to make hash. This strain offers a pleasant and relaxed buzz, which is very good for treating chronic pain and other issues related to anxiety. The THC content in this strain is around 20%, and provided a good condition and favorable weather are possible, the THC can go up to 25%.