The Many Services Offered by a Yacht Broker

If you were under the impression that a yacht brokers sells boats, you would, of course, be right, yet there are many other services on offer from an established yacht broker, which we will highlight in this article.

  • Yacht Brokerage – Of course, the broker would have the details of many pre-owned yachts that are up for sale and should you be interested, the broker would furnish you with all the information about the vessel, while also arranging a viewing appointment. With a wide range of new and pre-owned yachts for sale, the broker is the person to approach when looking to acquire a vessel of any kind. It can take a while to sell a luxury yacht and the broker will spend as much time as you need, which might involve several sea trials.
  • Yacht Management – Yacht owners do need management services, which includes safe mooring, boat maintenance and repairs. A well-established yacht broker would have depots all over the world, with Southern Europe, Miami and Southeast Asia and Australia all covered, which allows you to moor your yacht in a location you plan to sail. Mooring services are obviously important, as every yacht needs to be safely moored in a place that is protected from the weather. You might like to visit Yangon and here is some tourist information that might help.
  • Major Repairs – The yacht broker would have access to dry docks and can therefore carry out major repairs when required. Storms do cause their fair share of boat damage and if a boat is caught out in a bad storm, it would need immediate assistance, which some brokers can offer.
  • Yacht Finance – Most yachts are acquired on finance and the broker would have a working relationship with numerous marine lenders and can therefore find suitable finance for prospective owners. Here is a link to the Cayman Islands Yacht Registration Centre, which is worth reading.
  • Yachting Accessories – Any reputable yacht broker can source yachting accessories, from towels and bedding to wetsuits and everything in between. Safety equipment is another essential for seagoing vessels, with lifejackets, flares, rafts and fire protection equipment, and everything is available from the yacht broker.
  • Yacht Preparation – If your pride and joy is moored in Phuket Harbour, all it takes is to notify the broker of the date you intend to sail and they will prepare everything on your behalf. In the event you need your boat to meet you at another destination, the broker can arrange for a crew to set sail and meet you at any designated port. The vessel would be stocked according to your instructions and once you arrive, you are ready to set sail, as everything is onboard.
  • Yacht Charter – Of course, if you wanted to charter a yacht for a few weeks, the yacht broker can oblige, as they have a working relationship with yacht chartering companies that have yachts of all shapes and sizes from small catamarans to superyachts.

If you are thinking of adding a yacht to your growing list of material possessions, contact a reputable yacht broker and they can assist you in many ways, not only with the purchase of the vessel, but also with yacht management services.