What are the Benefits of a Timber Frame Home for Your Family?

What are the Benefits of a Timber Frame Home for Your Family?

Choosing how exactly to build a new home for your family is a road full of big decisions, and it can feel impossible to make the right choice. But choosing what kind of home to build should be easy – timber-framed. There are so many benefits to this kind of house; we’ve put together just a couple here.

Energy efficient

One of the main benefits of timber frame homes is that they’re very energy efficient; wood is a fantastic insulator in itself, and the framework allows much more space for additional insulation than a traditional brick house does. This means it takes less energy to successfully heat your home than a different kind of house would. This will not only give you good eco-credentials with the kids – who in this day and age are very likely very environmentally conscious – but it also means you’ll be saving money that you can put to good use elsewhere. It might even mean you don’t have to work as hard, so you can spend more time together as a family!

Easy to build

Timber frame homes are less time-consuming to build than houses that are made out of bricks and mortar or steel frames. Because wood is very light, versatile, and easy to work with, timber-framed houses are very easy to build. This means they require fewer workers than a traditional brick house, less energy, and less money – and most importantly it means that timber-framed houses don’t take as much time to build. This means that you and your family won’t have to spend a long time living in in-between houses while you wait for the work to be completed. With skilled workers, they can be erected quickly and to pretty much any design specification you might want. 

No limits on design/size

Wood is an incredibly versatile material, which means that you will be able to design pretty much any house you want to suit your family. This means your new home will be as unique as you are, and you will be able to enjoy living there for years to come as it suits your needs perfectly.

If you’re in the planning stages of a new build, and you’re struggling to work out exactly what you want to build, keep these benefits of a timber-framed house in mind. They might sound old-fashioned, but between their amazing energy efficiency and versatility, they make for an almost future-proof home design.