Is Cannabis Safe For Animals?

Most of us will love our pets. And we’re also going to love Cannabis. 

When we love something, we’ll want to share it with the people (2 or 4 legged) we love. But with Cannabis, we need to ask “Is this a good idea”. 

Is it safe to use CBD oil hemp for animals? 

Why you might want to 

Giving CBD to your pet isn’t just a weird and quirky idea that people do for the hell of it. As I’m sure many of you will be aware, CBD contains properties that can help us. 

It can help with mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. It can also help with physical pain, particularly in the case of Arthritis. And because humans and most of our pets are both mammals, it would make sense to assume that CBD will have the same effect on them that it will have on us. 

After all, we don’t want our furry friends to be in pain. 


CBD is safe. But the same cannot be said for the other chemical in Cannabis. THC. 

Unlike humans, our pets will not understand the concept of “getting high”. And for them, they may become confused, or anxious when subject to THC. 

By law, any pet product that contains CBD cannot have more than 30% THC. But of course, too many treats within the legal limits can give them more THC than they’ll be able to handle. This is particularly true if your dog is one of the smaller breeds. 

It’s best to go for products that are 100% CBD and 0% THC. 

Benefits of CBD 

Even though THC is not safe for animals, the other chemical, CBD is safe. And some companies make dog treats that contain CBD. 

As already mentioned, the reasons why you would give CBD to your pets are often the same reasons you would want to take it yourself. 

 If your dog is being anxious or aggressive, giving them a CBD treat can help them to calm down, and get along better with the other dogs. 

 As with human’s dogs can get Arthritis when they get older. CBD can help them as much as it helps us. 

What does the vet say?

Just like human’s, there are no two dogs that are the same as each other. 

And although CBD is generally safe for dogs, there may be some who it is not safe for. Before giving your dog anything containing CBD, you should be 100% sure it won’t be dangerous for your particular dog. 

If you’re unsure, the best thing you can do is talk to your vet. And make sure that your dog is reacting negatively to the CBD treats, you stop giving them to him. 

However, for most dogs, it will be fine. 

Not Cannabis

Treats containing CBD oil are acceptable. But treats containing Cannabis will not be. 

Don’t be thinking that you can bake the weed that you smoke into a beefy treat for them. This is going to have far too much THC for them, and just get them high and anxious. 

If you wish to bake your own CBD treats, make sure you use CBD oil, not Cannabis. But there’s not much point in doing this when there’s so many CBD dog treats that you can buy online. 

If your dog does steal one of your edibles, you should make sure they get the THC out of their system. 


The answer to the question is “No. Cannabis is not safe for dogs”. 

Cannabis isn’t safe because it contains too much THC, which can be harmful to them. However, the other chemical, CBD, is safe and sometimes beneficial to your pets.