5 Tips to Prevent Age Related Memory Loss

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As of 2019, the global cases of dementia stand at 50 million with 10 million new cases emerging every year, according to data released by World Health Organization (WHO). It leads to psychological and social impact on seniors while families also bear the consequences. However, there are easy and cost-effective ways to tackle memory complications. One of the most beneficial ones being brain supplements. 

Havasu NeuroIGNITE has the right ingredients to help in clarity of thoughts, support better memory and noticeably prevent problems like Alzheimer’s disease, say experts at; a trustworthy brain medicine review website. 

There are plenty of other products doing the rounds which make it difficult to pick the suitable one. Therefore, read customer reviews to know how exactly they are helping individuals to get rid of brain fogs or boost functions. 

Here are the best ways to protect seniors from age-related cognitive impairments.     

  1. Incorporate Brain Supplements

Havasu NeuroIGNITE ingredients have been well tolerated by consumers. Bacopa Monnieri, Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate , Ginkgo Biloba and St John’s Wort Extract come together to create a positive impact on the brain. With regular consumption, there is a significant change in the behaviour since they are able to learn new information and recall them easily. However, learn about the product’s dosage, side effects and how does it work, before buying the right one. 

  1. Sleep More 

Sleeping does not come as an instant solution to forgetfulness.  However, getting plenty of it can help the brain process different information and solidify them in the memory pockets. Without adequate sleep, the brain has a tough time recalling and absorbing information, according to an article on WebMD. Therefore, seniors must attempt at least 8-9 hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep. 

  1. Nutritious Diet 

It goes without saying that good food equals to good health. And surprisingly, many foods can particularly boost the brain functions. Boosters will function better only when you have a well-balanced food intake. Consume brain supplements & improve memory but make sure to include loads of nuts, skinless poultry, olive oil, fruits and green vegetables in your diet as well. These will spike the levels of HDL cholesterol and reduce the chances of cognitive decline. 

  1. Get Moving Regularly 

To help your old parents or grandparents keep a sharp mind, encourage them to exercise. Taking a walk, jogging, aerobics and swimming are extremely beneficial. They increase blood flow and circulation to the brain and help keep the organ in its top form. Exercise can bring about an impressive difference in the mood and ward off symptoms of stress and depression.  These little changes contribute to a good memory in the long term.

  1. Social Engagement 

Research says, staying socially active with friends and family can delay memory related complications. Support the seniors when they wish to take part in workshops, volunteer programs and other social initiatives. This will help them meet new people, hold conversations and improve mental functions. At home, take some time out to play brain games like bridge, chess and puzzles together. 

Additionally, it is important to manage other chronic conditions and do sensory tests at regular intervals. Also, if you are adding brain supplements to their diet, make sure to read the customer reviews and opinions thoroughly for clarifications.