How Life And Business Strategist Pascal Bachmann Turned A Setback Into An Inspiration To Built His Business Empire

Any successful entrepreneur will say that failures and setbacks are part of building a successful business. Establishing a thriving business will not happen overnight. Days and months might pass wherein beginner entrepreneurs will not see any results. They will end up doubting their capabilities and questioning themselves if they can really pull it off. Some might start wondering if they should quit and give up on their dream of a successful business. The road to a successful business is challenging and not for the faint-hearted.

However, sometimes people think it is a setback, but it is an opportunity in disguise. Life and business strategist Pascal Bachmann is very familiar with setbacks. Bachmann is a successful serial entrepreneur who owned a multi-million-dollar business empire, which, unfortunately, he lost to bankruptcy.

Bachmann faced many ups and downs in his 25-year journey in entrepreneurship. He knows every step that entrepreneurs should take to build and rebuild their businesses.

Bachmann has faced a career-ending injury that derailed his career as a professional athlete. Bachmann had to find his way through a $15-million bankruptcy. Success did not come to him in a breeze. He Had to fight bravely and rise from all the setbacks to become successful in business and life.

The Setbacks

Bachmann admitted that early in his life, he had to battle a difficult childhood. He stayed in foster homes while growing up in Switzerland. Bachmann might have a challenging childhood, but it did not hinder him from defining his future. At an early age, he got fascinated with martial arts as a sport. He got his first taste of success when he moved to Thailand and pursued a career in martial arts. Bachmann was only 18 years old when he became a professional Thai boxer. At that point, who would have thought that a young man with a difficult childhood will become a world-class professional athlete.

Bachmann’s skills as a professional Thai boxer were admirable. Many people are betting he could be a world champion one day. “Unfortunately, that prediction never came true. My career in mixed martial arts met an abrupt ending after I had an accident while competing in an international tournament in Thailand. I sustained injuries that prevented me from competing again in martial arts. It closed the door on becoming a world champion,” he shared.

A famous saying stated that when a door closes, another door will open. Bachmann found a way to reinvent himself by taking a deep dive into Eastern therapies. He quickly developed a fascination with Chinese Medicine. “Eastern therapies opened the opportunity to become a coach,” he said. Health coaching helped Bachmann to expand his knowledge about building businesses and built a network of valuable contacts. Eventually, he became an advisor for small businesses and later landed an advisory role with larger companies. He was unconscious at that time that the firsthand experience he gained will play a significant role in building his business empire someday.

All the while, Bachmann thought that success had finally arrived in life. Little did Bachmann know that his biggest challenge is looming around the corner. Bachmann discovered that one of his businesses ran into bankruptcy. He found himself dealing with a 15-million-dollar bankruptcy. “It was a tough situation. Within two months, I have lost everything that I have built for years, including my retirement savings,” Bachmann shared.

Bachmann admitted that rebuilding after the million-dollar bankruptcy was a tough challenge. Instead of coming out defeated, Bachmann used that unfortunate event to create a mindset that would propel his success. “I let go of all the negative emotions and beliefs that did not support me. I took the event as a life lesson that allowed me to know myself better and discover what drives me. Now that I look back, I have a sense of gratitude that it did happen because it serves as my springboard to where I am today,” Bachmann said.

How To Face Setbacks

Bachmann said that it is normal for entrepreneurs to face setbacks. It is part of their business journey. However, he shared that many entrepreneurs think that setbacks are the end of the road for them. “Setbacks are just roadblocks and a dead end. You can bounce back from failures or setbacks. You can get back on track, but this time much wiser and stronger,” he said.

“There are two ways to view a setback. It is either you see it as something positive or something negative. Most entrepreneurs tend to see it on the latter,” Bachmann said. He explained that sometimes they need to treat setbacks as an opportunity. Setbacks can allow entrepreneurs to evaluate what went wrong and made the adjustment. 

“When facing a setback, you always have two choices. You can dwell on your setback, or you could learn from it and build back better. How you perceive a setback dictates the outcome. If you dwell on it, you will give up and miss the opportunity to have a better life. But if you take it as learning, it might find a better path to success,” Bachmann said.

Several times in his life, Bachmann has hit rock bottom, and every time he learns to pick himself once again. To some, the $15-million bankruptcy seems irretrievable, but Bachmann has the inner resources to rebuild his business and life from scratch. He shares his story to inspire other entrepreneurs to find their way and live a healthy life with success, gratitude, and joy.

Inviting Other Entrepreneurs

Bachmann is inviting other entrepreneurs to take their business and lives to the next level with him. He is offering them the necessary tools to take their business and lives. Over the years, Bachman has learned the principles of sustainable health, success, and wealth. Now, he is prepared to share that knowledge with other entrepreneurs and guide them in becoming healthy, successful, and wealthy millionaires. Over the years, Bachmann identified the principles of sustainable health, success, and wealth.

This year, Bachmann embarked on a mission to guide and mentor 25 entrepreneurs while he is building his business empire again. “Under my guidance, these entrepreneurs will have a chance to build their business following the proven step-by-step process that I am also using to rise again,” he added.

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