How to Deal with Multiple Vehicle Crashes

Being involved in a two-car accident is a nightmare, but being part of a pileup is whole different beast. Aside from the increased risk for injury, you also have to deal with extensive property damage and an insurance debacle that most people are ill-equipped to handle. 

With so much to deal with at once, it can be difficult to handle being involved in a car accident with three or more vehicles. Before the stress and anxiety get the better of you, check out these tips on how to proceed after the wreck. 

At the Scene

Right after the accident occurs, focus on whether or not everyone is okay. They might need immediate medical attention, which you should let the dispatcher know after dialing 911. Do not, under any circumstances, discuss who is at fault. Instead, take photos of the scene for your insurance company and personal records. 

Insurance companies rely on special investigators to deduce fault in a multi-car accident. They determine duty of care and proximate cause. Duty of care is a driver’s responsibility to look out for others on the road and drive safely. Proximate cause is the direct actions that caused the accident. The pictures you take are vital in helping to determine liability. 

At the same time, don’t forget to tend to yourself. You should always allow medical personnel to check your wellbeing at the scene. Never say that you’re okay or feel fine. Instead, say you are unsure and let the medical record speak for itself. 

Insurance and Legal Representation

After the initial incident is over, there are two offices you need to speak with. The first is your insurance company, allowing you to file a claim and let the process of determining liability begin. Each party’s insurance will contact one another and begin covering expenses once fault is determined.

The second is to hire a car accident attorney. Even if fault is easily identifiable and you are innocent, hiring a lawyer ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Compensation can cover medical bills, finances lost from missing work, and any resulting therapy from physical to psychological. It can also cover increased insurance premiums as well as property damage. 

What If I’m Severely Injured?

Handling all these aspects from a hospital bed is nearly impossible. Allow a friend, family, or your insurance company to contact an attorney on your behalf. They can come meet you in the hospital if you want and take care of every last detail while you focus on your recovery. 

One of the best benefits to hiring an attorney is that you can rest easy knowing they’re handling your case. From determining fault to preparing a case and helping you gain the compensation you’re entitled to, you don’t have to do a thing. If you are severely injured, it takes nearly all of the stress out of the situation. 

Dealing with a multi-vehicle crash is a nightmare, but it’s one you don’t have to manage alone. Through insurance and legal representation, you can get back on your feet knowing that your finances will remain intact.