6 Ways for Guys to Keep That Youthful Look Beyond Their 40s

Let’s get one thing straight. You’re not getting any younger. Despite the fact that no man wants to get older, that’s how things are.

The wheel of time is turning in an irreversible manner but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to do something to make it turn slower. While you can’t stop aging, you can slow it down and defy it.

You need a strong will and an effective daily routine to keep a youthful appearance beyond your 40s. There are many activities, skincare products, and diet routines to look young at 40 and beyond. 

Here are six very useful ways to defy aging and maintain a young appearance.

1. Keep fit at all costs

Staying active is essential to keeping that youthful look. That aside, a regular workout brings numerous health benefits that help improve your mood, skin, happiness, posture, reduce weight, and improve metabolism.

Regularly doing exercises slows the aging of skin cells and helps release endorphins, which is a known hormone of happiness.

Keeping yourself fit means increasing your energy levels, which is a vital element needed for looking younger and feeling satisfied. On top of all that, a regular workout also increases your sex drive and ensures wellbeing.

2. Adjust your diet and stick to it

As you age, your metabolism slows down, and what you eat becomes increasingly important. That’s why it’s essential to adjust your diet and stick to it at all times. You need to cut down on your sugar intake and make sure you eat healthy.

That means you need good fatty acids and lean protein along with lots of fiber. So, eliminate coke, sweets, and sodas and stick to real food. Fast food is out of the question, although it won’t kill you if you indulge yourself once in a while.

Sugar is directly related to diabetes and obesity, so avoid it at all costs. It also attacks collagen and elastin, two of the most important components needed for healthy and youthful skin.

Make sure you include healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, turkey, lean meat and chicken in your diet as this is what provides moderate amounts of carbs to keep you looking fit, young, and healthy.

3. Don’t skip on your sleep

Just as good skincare, exercise, and diet can help defy aging and trim years off, sleep is vital to your youthful appearance. Sleep promotes wellness, and it helps you not only to look but feel younger as well. Sleeping well includes sleeping for at least seven hours every night.

It helps get rid of that tired old look and the annoying bags under your eyes that tell how many years you have under your belt. That aside, a study has proven that lack of sleep affects your mental acuity. A good night’s sleep boosts your cognitive skills and reinforces learning while helping memory formation.

4. Alcohol and smoking age you

Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are the arch enemies of youthful appearances. They can make you look old. Smoking is directly related to creating fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth and on your forehead.

It’s also the main cause of stained teeth and dull skin. That aside, smoking is also related to a large number of health problems that won’t contribute to your efforts of keeping a youthful appearance. On the contrary, it will actually help you age much faster.

5. Dealing with a receding hairline

Most guys experience some struggles with hair loss before they reach their 40s. While there isn’t much to do about this, you can get some treatments that will help you deal with male pattern baldness.

You can consider using an FDA approved laser cap to help regrow your hair from Hair loss is a serious problem that won’t go away unless you do something about it and this over the counter treatment can very well help you in your progression to restoring your hair. 

6. Trim excess hair

As you grow older, you start getting excess hair on your forehead, nostrils, and ears. Don’t sit still and let them be. Trim excess hair on a regular basis as failing to do so might take away from your youthful appearance aside from it just not being good upkeeping of yourself. Regular maintenance will give a huge difference to your look.


Aside from all these useful tips, it won’t do any harm to get a stylish haircut and take some supplements on the go. Apply sunscreen when going out and don’t be afraid of using a moisturizer from time to time as it helps your skin remain supple and hydrated. 

Vladimir Ilic

The fitness world has always intrigued me, and that’s why I gravitate towards weightlifting, healthy dieting and supplementation as the main subject of my writing. I’ve been at this for several years, and you could say that, apart from playing bass and hitting the gym, exploring the impact of dieting on fitness is one of my greatest passions.