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The Universal Problem of Subscription Emails from Online Retailers

It is easy to see why an email inbox can quickly get out of control. Taking the time to organize an email inbox is typically not a top priority in your work or personal life. Unless you have a very limited storage capacity, there is nothing stopping you from building up an excessive list of unread messages from sources you might not care about. One of the recent trends that have made this situation even worse is the practice of online retailers requesting that customers consent to receive their subscription emails in exchange for a discount code on their next online orders. Savvy customers do not want to miss out on these free savings, so they willingly give up their email addresses to the retailers. This ends with the customer shaking his head over the non-stop email communications that clog up their inbox daily. While this does not seem like a major problem if you only have one of these retailers doing some damage, it can get out of hand if you shop at more than one site. 

What Happens When Spam Filters Do Not Do Their Jobs

One quick solution is to try to mark these messages as spam so that your email server automatically disposes of them in your spam folder. However, sometimes these retailers can change up the address that the email is sent from, which means that they would not get trapped in the spam folder. Alternatively, the spam filter may just not be functioning at all times, which means that you could continue to receive unnecessary messages from multiple retailers. 

The best solution for this is to use as a way to systematically manage your email subscriptions. This free, easy service sends you a list of all of the sender addresses for subscriptions that you may have signed up for over time. You can peruse through the list at your leisure and decide if there are any that you no longer want to receive. Without having to click on each of the emails from those senders to unsubscribe through their sites, you can collectively mark the unwanted subscriptions on the list so that the service can take care of the rest. You will be unsubscribed in no time, and you can kiss those junk emails goodbye. 

Automating Your Email Management

One of the risks of choosing not to address email clutter is that you will be constantly dealing with an email inbox that is that important messages get buried and unnoticed. Psychologically, you are also less likely to dive into dealing with important emails if you have to wade through unwanted messages. Reduce the risk of avoiding difficult messages or procrastinating your response by having your junk email automatically sorted once and for all by a free service from