What is a Bubbler?

Bubblers are a type of water pipe designed for their ease of use. The bubbler has a water chamber, to help with cooling and filtration of the smoke before inhalation. Although the premise is quite simple, the popularity of bubblers has increased dramatically in recent years and there are a variety of styles available, from simple budget range devices to bespoke, crafted bubblers that are very artistic in their nature.

Artistic or Utilitarian?

One such emerging style of bubbler bears a striking resemblance to the “Sherlock Holmes” style of pipe. Even those unfamiliar with the famous Conan Doyle character would struggle to not recognize the detective’s symbolic pipe – which of course is a long way from the likes of a traditional bong. The difference between these two is often the cause of much confusion, as explained below.

There often tends to be a lot of confusion between “bongs” and “bubblers”. However, the two types of device have a range of differences. By their very style, bongs often resemble something removed from a school chemistry lab. That is not to say they are unsightly, however, they do have a more utilitarian appearance, generally speaking.

Detached from this chemistry lab appearance, bubblers tend to be more artistic and have a much wider design spectrum. Due to the varied nature of bubblers, they are more likely to make an ideal gift for someone appreciative of a crafted, unusual smoking device.

Further differences between bubblers and traditional smoking devices.

Stepping away from the immediate visual differences, let’s look at some of the other ways in which bubblers set themselves apart from bongs, as outlined by Grasscity.

As opposed to bongs, bubblers are renowned for providing a smoother hit, which can alleviate and altogether prevent dry coughing often associated with bongs. Add to this a purer, better tasting hit resulting from the water piece filtration; conversely, dry pieces do not provide the same level of filtration resulting in a harsher, less refined taste.

Of course, this lack of refinement has its own relevance; a bong will provide a stronger hit, which may or may not be to the individual’s liking. A bubbler overall provides a mid-way experience between a pipe and a bong. Not as harsh or strong a hit as the bong, they are smoother and provide more of a hit than a traditional pipe.

Due to the bespoke crafting nature, bubblers are naturally (much like traditional pipes) easier to handle and pass around, unlike the utilitarian chemistry set that is a bong. In the off chance that you do drop a bong, it is less robust than a bubbler meaning there is a higher risk of damage.

Another distinct point of bubblers is that they have everything built-in, so buying extra pieces such as bowls is not a requirement. This can make cleaning difficult although not impossible. It should also be noted that they are likely to require cleaning more frequently than a bong.

Bubblers are also more discreet, from carrying and handling, to the sound produced. Whereas the sound of a bong is highly recognizable, even by someone unfamiliar with the smoking experience it provides, bubblers allow you to be more discreet and considerate of your surrounding environment. For further information about the advantages of using a bubbler and their limitations, check out cannaconnection.com.

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