How to Get That Celebrity Look – New Eyes And Makeup

We all yearn to look glamorous and beautiful. Whatever it takes to achieve the celebrity look.

There are many ways to do this, from eyelashes to designer makeup to cosmetic facial treatment. All offer benefits and when used together, form a combination that takes your looks and facial appearance to the next level. 

Here we discuss one of the ways of enhancing your beautiful looks, an eyelash makeover. Everyone wants to have long, attractive lashes. However, long lashes are difficult to come by. Therefore, not so many people have them. But, even those who have naturally long lashes, not many of them love waking up early to do their lashes. As such, many individuals opt for eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are becoming a popular beauty trend. However, before going ahead to get your lashes extended, there are few things you should know. For those looking for information on eyelash extensions, you’re in the right place.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

These are extensions glued to your natural lash. There are different types of extensions, including mink fur and silk. Plus, they come in various lengths so clients can decide how long they want their lashes extended. However, one should let their technicians decide for them about the length as not everyone’s lashes can handle long extensions.

How Lash Extensions Work

Although your lashes may be the same, they have different growth cycles. That means that they won’t fall out at the same time. Therefore, when one has eyelash extensions done, they should have them filled after every few weeks as they’ll fall out with their already shedding natural lashes. However, shedding isn’t alarming. And most people get fill-ins after 3-4 weeks to maintain a full look.

Different Styles of Lash Extensions

Just like there are many types of eyelash extensions, there are also different styles. Mink eyelash extensions are very popular. A person can get a modest natural look. Or you can go with sultry eyelashes. There are also volume sets. Those with higher volumes are the best since you’ll only need two or three extensions glued to one lash. Plus, they last longer, too, and they’re so light. Ensure that you consult with your technician on the style that’ll work with your lashes and face.

The Cost of Eyelash Extensions

Well, how much they cost depends on what kind of extensions you want and also the salon’s quality. Express lashes can cost anywhere between £15-£30. But they last for only some days. But you can also invest in hybrid or Russian volume lashes whose price ranges from £35 to over £100.

How Long Do They Last?

Again, their time frame depends on which procedure you opted for. Express lashes last up to 10 days, applying takes a short time. They’re mostly used for a weekend. There are also the strand by strand extensions that take time to apply but can last for three or more weeks before needing refills.

How Do I Care for Them?

Well, eyelash extensions can last for a long time. However, they need proper care and maintenance. Experts advise that you clean them using baby shampoo since it is gentle and won’t damage the glue. Also, if one doesn’t clean their extensions, a build-up can occur, which can cause irritations and infections such as conjunctivitis.

Again, individuals who use eye makeup should avoid using oil-based makeup remover as that can weaken the bond your extended lashes made with the natural ones. Additionally, avoid touching or messing with them because they may fall out. However, if someone wants their lashes removed, they should visit a salon to have them appropriately removed by an expert. Pulling them off by yourself is not only painful but can pull out your natural lashes.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Yes. Apart from making you look more beautiful they can again make you look more alert and awake. They’re known to make individuals look younger. Plus, they’re also very convenient eye treatment. With them, you don’t need to wear other makeup as your eyes are already full. Additionally, they won’t damage or pull out your lashes if they’re done correctly. Therefore, if you want to feel good about yourself, try this incredible eye treatment. However, make sure that you visit a professional salon for the application.