Tips to Keeping Your Clothes in Top Shape

Your clothes are a huge part of your fashion statement. Look no further than red carpet events for evidence. During 2019’s Met Gala, A-listers adorned in all sorts of color and pomp made their appearances for the annual event and fans then voted for their best-dressed celebrity. The fuss that surrounds events such as this is an indication of how big a deal fashion is.

It’s no surprise then that you often find yourself spending hours in front of a mirror, making sure that everything mixes and matches properly. After all, your dress code is a massive part of your self-expression. It communicates to the world even before you say a word. With that said, here a couple of tips to make sure your clothes remain in tip-top shape.

Wash Well

You spend a lot of hours (and possibly money) to pick out the right kind of outfit for you. It’s always a bit heartbreaking when your favorite t-shirt comes out of the washer looking faded and shrunk. But that could all be avoided if you use the right approach to wash your outfits. Just like having the right carpet cleaner, (if you need any advice, see Rug Cleaning NYC), if you don’t have the right washing machine, you wont get far.

For starters, find the best washing machine for the job. You want something with an adequate capacity to handle all your clothes without cramming them up. Also, consider a washer that makes use of steam technology to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. And if you’re not the patient type, there are even washers that can do a load of laundry in just over half an hour while taking care of your clothes.

When doing laundry, remember to sort your items, so avoid potential damage. It’s easy to go overboard with detergent and fabric softener but avoid the temptation since too much could leave your clothes rather stiff. While washing, use the correct water temperature to prevent the scenario of wrinkled clothes. Maintain your clothes better and for longer with the right washing approach.

Know Your Basic Repairs

A button came undone on your shirt, and now you’re in panic mode. Is this the end of your beautiful relationship? It didn’t last as long as you hoped it would. How could fate be so cruel?

Relax. Losing a button shouldn’t be a reason for you to toss aside any article of clothing. Get a sewing kit, and with the aid of a few DIY videos, it’ll all be right as rain. Even a zipper slip up won’t be a deal-breaker between you and your favorite pair of jeans. Sewing kits aren’t expensive, and they could be just the right tool to maintain your clothes for a lot longer.

Pay Attention to How You Store

Your closet is your storage companion. You trust it to guard your clothes at all times faithfully. But how you organize and stack up your clothes goes a long way in determining your clothes’ longevity.

Avoid tossing clothes into the closet after a wash but instead; fold them up neatly and stack them together in piles. For garments with buttons, button them up before folding. Also, remember to fasten the zip on any zipped items to avoid damaging other clothes. For bulky sweaters, refrain from hanging since this causes them to stretch out and instead fold and stack on a shelf.

Take Care When Ironing

After a good wash, clothes often tend to be creased, and ironing offers a quick fix. Plug it in, watch the light turn red, and once it goes off, iron away. This process sounds simple enough. But it isn’t.

Ironing your clothes is a skill that you have to master. Use too much heat on more delicate fabrics, and the result could be catastrophic. Use too little heat on sturdy materials, and you won’t eliminate the creases. It’s a delicate balance.

The plus side is that irons come with varying levels of heat based on the fabric. Check your clothes’ label to know what type of material they’re made from. That way, you won’t end up ironing nylon clothes with a cotton setting.

Good Hygiene Goes a Long Way

Sweating is a normal part of your body’s physiology. It helps keep you cool when things get a bit too hot while also getting rid of some of your body’s waste. Your personal A/C.

But with sweat, come the right kind of conditions for bacteria to survive and thrive. Sweat also causes pit stains to develop on your clothes, a menace that’s all too familiar. And since it’s impossible to stop your body from sweating, there are ways to mitigate the effects.

Take a daily shower for starters. That should help get rid of all the waste that’s been accumulating on your skin throughout the day. Also, get some antibacterial deodorant to help keep your armpits dry. Having good hygiene can go a long way in ensuring that your clothes remain cleaner and in better shape for much longer.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

On a chilly morning, you reach for that casual sweater that’s been lying in the closet for a while now. You throw it on and walk out the door, ready to conquer the day ahead. But for some reason, there’s a tiny patch on the back that seems to be letting in a subtle breeze. That’s when you notice the hole on the back of your sweater.

It turns out that in the darkness of your home closet lay a couple of moths, burrowing their way through your clothes. These little pests can wreak havoc on your clothes and even cause you to throw out a good portion of your wardrobe. Take care of the problem using organic or chemical means to ensure your clothes remain hole-free.

Maintaining your clothes might seem like one of the more difficult things to do. There’s a lot of cleaning, sorting, and organizing involved, and that does require a fair amount of effort. But for the sake of your clothes, follow a few of these tips to ensure your clothes remain in tip-top shape. Take care of your clothes, and they’ll take care of your image.

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