Sexual Harassment Rampant in Asian Companies

Here in the United States, when we hear about USA Crime or sexual harassment happening in the workplace we don’t necessarily think about Asian-owned companies. However, there are approximately two millions businesses in the U.S. that are owned by Asians. It would be foolish to think that out of the 81% of women and 43% of men that have experienced sexual harrassment, it hasn’t happened in some of these businesses.

In fact, sexual harassment has been reported to be rampant in Asian-owned locations. Some reports are of clients abusing power in order to gain sexual favors, senior management humiliating young women for entertainment, and high levels of secrecy and cover-ups. Which, unfortunately, is not much different than other workplaces.

Power Struggle

In many Asian countries, women are typically more susceptible to sexual harassment in the workplace simply because they are women. Just being a female in these cultures often means that you are of a lower class than men. This all too often translates to Asian owned companies here in the States.

Due to the demeaning view some bosses have of women, they might not be taken seriously if they file an official sexual harassment case with the company. The next step would be to seek help from a sexual harassment attorney in California, in order to protect your rights as a victim.

Pushing Boundaries

Another reason for sexual harassment to be so rampant in Asian owned companies is unclear boundaries when it comes to right and wrong. For example, one claim from a woman says that although she refused advances made by a client he insisted that she meet him for private “business meetings” or for drinks at an intimate bar. The client made excuses saying that he does it with all of his prospective business partners.

Male Dominated Environments

Although both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment, there is no denying that it happens more often to women. In fact, the known statistics are likely a gross underestimate of how many women actually suffer some sort of sexual assult or harassment in the workplace. Most businesses in the United States are owned by men, so the cards are stacked against women.

Particularly, Asian owned businesses are already in the mindset that it’s a male dominated environment. Another woman reported that there is a deep-rooted problem of sexual harassment in her Asian-owned workplace because men are put on a pedestal and are able to get away with certain behavior for long periods of time. The longer it goes on, the harder it is to weed out.

If You’ve Been a Victim of Sexual Harassment

Regardless of business ownership, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal in the United Sates for any employers to allow anyone to be sexually harassed at work by another person, regardless of sex, gender, race, or sexual orientation. 

This includes any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature, or pertaining to a person’s sex. If you see something happen to someone else, or if something happens to you, contact an experienced attorney to find out how you can protect yourself.