4 Ways you Never Thought you Would use a Bedroom Storage Ottoman

Have you ever considered adding an ottoman to your bedroom furniture suite? While it might seem odd to place a piece of living room furniture in the bedroom, ottomans are becoming more and more popular as the need increases for multifunctional spaces. Storage ottomans are very beneficial in any multi-use room.

Bringing living room furniture like ottomans into the bedroom is simply practical. Having a place to sit while you are dressing for the day is important, and the best beds sit higher than comfortable for things like putting on pants, socks, or shoes. Therefore, bedroom benches are quickly becoming a standard for bedroom furniture sets.

On the other hand, a wide ottoman can cost much less than a bedroom bench, and both can offer interior storage. Ottomans will take up less space than a bedroom bench, and still serve the same purpose. You’ll also be able to move it around much easier to increase its versatility and use.

Here are a few of the ways that you will benefit when you purchase bedroom storage ottomans that you might not have considered.

Storing extra throws, pillows, and blankets

There is no doubt that people can sometimes feel chilled even though the thermostat is set to a steady temperature. If you get too chilled, having an extra throw blanket can be helpful. You can also stow away extra pillows in case of illness or other when need to sit in a semi-reclined position. Toss a heating pad in there as well for good measure. (You’ll be thankful on that occasional achy night.)

Stowing craft supplies and notions

If you like to sew, crochet, knit, or do any other type of needlework in your murphy bed or just in the room, a storage ottoman can be an extremely valuable asset. You’ll be able to organize all of your notions and supplies in one easy-to-access place that can even be moved from room to room without too much effort.

Extra linens

You have to get creative when you don’t have a linen closet. A bedroom storage ottoman gives you the perfect place to stash extra sheets and pillowcases for the room. This is especially helpful for guest bedrooms. All guest bedrooms can also benefit from extra blankets in case they are needed. This means you’ll be prepared to host guests at any time.

Kids bedrooms

Kids’ bedrooms can also benefit from storing extra blankets and linens for those late-night emergencies, and a storage ottoman is a perfect place to stow them. It also gives your children and their friends extra seating when needed. You can also stash a small sleeping bag and an extra pillow for spur-of-the-moment sleepovers.

Accessories, toiletries, and grooming supplies

A master bedroom with an adjoining bath can be extremely convenient, but not if you don’t make the most of it. A storage ottoman gives you a spot to store those things when they are not in use so that you don’t have to clutter up the sink, vanity, or shelf. Since the ottomans aren’t very heavy, you can maneuver them in and out of the bathroom as needed. You can also use it as a nearby place to sit to rest after a long shower.