Top 3 Mods for Honda TRX250

The Honda TRX250 is a sporty, entry-level all terrain vehicle that is great for beginning off-roaders. One of its best features is its SportClutch, which helps riders who aren’t used to using a manual transmission because it doesn’t stall out when the ATV stops. Although the Honda TRX250 is a good machine, it can still be modified to make it even safer. Here are three mods that you can make using the best Honda OEM parts.

Install a Skid Plate and Rear Differential Guard 

If you do much trail riding, you’ll need to add protection to the undercarriage of your ATV. The Honda TRX250 lacks a chassis and engine skid plate. The skid plate protects the underside of your ATV from small rocks and branches. The differential guard is added protection if you have smaller tires.  You’ll find a large selection of the best Honda TRX250 OEM parts that let you modify your ATV to fit the way you ride.

Add Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are a modification that provide a larger footing area. If your foot comes off the foot peg, the Nerf bars give you added safety. Your foot won’t be at risk of becoming entangled with other ATV’s tires and wheels. Look around for the set that fits your needs and budget, because some Nerf bar sets can be expensive. The good thing is that you have some options for color. All of the hardware you need to mount the bars on your ATV come with the box.

Wheel Spacers

The Honda TRX250 is probably one of the narrower ATVs on the market. If you are thinking of making it wider, try wheel spacers to add width. Look for lightweight spacers made of urethane and titanium, not aluminum. The wheel spacers fit over the stock hubs, then your wheel bolts on just like normal. Wheel spacers can make steering a bit more difficult, but they make the ATV wider, which makes it more stable.

Make Modifications Based on Where and How You Ride

The stock handlebars on the Honda TRX250 aren’t exactly ergonomic for most riders. You can improve comfort by finding a set of aftermarket handlebars that reduce vibration. Spend money on the mods that make sense. Adding a performance exhaust system can give your ride more power. When you buy the parts you want and install them yourself, you learn more about your ATV and how it runs. Just do your research and make sure that the project is doable for your experience and knowledge. Get the tools you need before you start.

Ride Safe With Added Equipment

When you’re looking for ways to be more comfortable on your ATV, don’t forget to order motorcycle riding gear that helps you stay safe where you ride. Make sure you have a helmet that meets regulations. Googles help you see when there is a lot of dirt and dust. Use leather gloves to protect your hands. Padded chest protection and long-sleeved shirts keep your torso protected. Don’t forget to have high-quality boots that protect your feet and legs. Your ATV can be a great experience, but make it safe.